Member Chosen PA-Only Event Info

By James Coppersmith

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeey PA-TSA! I’m thrilled to announce my initiative that I’ve been working on this summer, the Member Chosen PA-Only Event. Right now, you can submit any event idea you’d like to this Google Form, and afterwards PA-TSA will vote on their favorite. Then, I’ll work with members of the Bylaw and Resolution Review Committee to make the event specifications for the winner. If you’d like to be a part of that process, I’d implore you to join here. The event will then be implemented next school year (2022-2023) for you all to compete in at our conferences.


Speaking of which, I was a very different, much shyer person when I attended my first regional conference five years ago in seventh grade. But one day I chose to stand up and give my speech for chapter office, and I was so moved that my peers were so inspired by it that they chose to support me. Whether I’d faked the confidence, swayed even myself with the speech, or simply been afraid of being afraid, for the first time in my life, I’d felt heard. Since then, running for State Office has been a transformative experience for me with the confidence I gained from my supportive chapter, the determination I’ve forged from my motivations, and the vision I’ve found for what I want to do with my life. Today, I always say that I’d rather stand up and fall than remain seated, because at least then I’m moving, and when I start moving, I never, ever stop. So if you can just take that first step, and keep taking just one more, then there’s nowhere that you can’t go.


I tell you all of this to contextualize my priorities this year as your State Parliamentarian: between leading a vessel for you to change PA-TSA with through the Bylaw and Resolution Review Committee, giving you the stage to express your passions in the Conference Sessions and Activities Committee, and now, building an opportunity for you to create our next competitive event, I’m dedicated to giving you all a voice like you did for me, PA-TSA.


But before you go check out the submission form, I’d like to share some tips to use when you make event ideas. First, BE CREATIVE! Our events are full of variety, so don’t be afraid to take a less traditional approach. In fact, I suggest incorporating some technologies that haven’t been represented as well as they could be in our existing events to introduce members to new territories to explore, grow, and thrive in while expanding the scope of our organization. Also, consider building events around unique new design philosophies unlike any events we currently have.


Next, make sure that your event ideas are feasible and well thought out (basically the opposite of my uncertainty regarding the perfect balance of e’s and y’s in a “hey PA-TSA”). Consider going through as if you were competing in the event yourself and imagine every step that you’d take to help iron everything out. 


Finally, but most importantly, MAKE IT FUN!!! Build an experience that your peers will continue and cherish for years to come. 


I can’t wait to read your wonderful event ideas and to hopefully see you in committees. If you’d like to contact me with questions or for any reason at all, feel more than welcome to reach out to me at parliamentarian [at] . See you soon, PA-TSA!