Learning From Other States

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Since July, your State Officer Team has worked hard to implement groundbreaking initiatives to benefit the members of PA-TSA. Ranging from college outreach to chapter president meetings, your State Officer Team has strived to make being a member of PA-TSA an engaging and rewarding experience. Alongside our numerous initiatives, we have met with state officers from other states to learn more about the work that they do and to give them ideas about the many things that we do within Pennsylvania. We were interested in learning about what each state did with fundraising, outreach, and their conferences. The overarching goal of these meetings was to form relationships with other states and to bring back ideas to benefit the members of PA-TSA.


Our first meeting was with several state officers from New Mexico TSA. In comparison to PA-TSA, New Mexico is a relatively new and smaller delegation. They have four state officers who each serve in one or two positions. Although they lead a much smaller delegation, they are beginning to create new chapters across their state. Most importantly, they had plans to increase member engagement through committees and interest sessions at their upcoming conferences. The PA-TSA officers were able to give insight as to how well committees, miracle minute, and the FLEX conference worked to involve our membership. 


The next meeting we held was with a dozen members from Texas TSA’s Leadership Team. For those who have been to a national conference, Texas TSA is a large delegation and rivals PA-TSA in competitions. Texas TSA told us about their leadership conference that they hold every year that attracts about 300 students from across the state. At their leadership conference, they hold boat races, team building debates, and many other outdoor activities. Furthermore, we learned about Texas TSA’s 16 regions not based on geographical area that schools could choose. We told Texas TSA about the committees that we have and they discussed implementing their first committee in the spring. Texas also gave us great ideas regarding fundraising at States. Some of their ideas included a coin contest for pieing someone in the face, a PA-TSA t-shirt sale, and hosting food vendors to raise money for the ACS. Overall, the meeting with Texas TSA provided valuable insight on ways we can improve fundraising and outreach within PA-TSA.


Your State Officer Team hopes to hold more meetings like these throughout the year with other states. We are excited to share everything we learn and implement based on these discussions. Feel free to reach out to me at any time if you have questions or suggestions at president [at] patsa.org.