Judges Needed for 2022 State Conference!

The Pennsylvania Technology Student Association (TSA) Leadership Conference is quickly approaching. The purpose of this letter is to invite you to be a part of our state leadership conference as an event judge. We depend on community and corporate support, and your expertise works to strengthen our commitment to technological literacy.

We are heading back to Seven Springs Resort for our 2022 PA-TSA State Conference, April 20-23! As we return to our in-person conference format this year, we are looking forward to taking what we learned from last year’s virtual conference and applying it to create a fun, meaningful, and safe experience for all involved. TSA offers more than 90 competitive events that address various areas of technology including but not limited to science, public speaking, computer applications, construction, and transportation. While the majority of the conference will take place in-person at Seven Springs, a select number of events will be available for those schools or individuals who are interested in virtual participation only. Additionally, this year’s conference will require students to submit their entries for multiple competitive events prior to the conference. Please see the event matrix for a listing of events that will be offered in a virtual format, as well as a listing of events that require early submission.

In turn, judges will be able to participate in this year’s conference in multiple ways. If you are interested in judging virtually only, you could evaluate entries from April 15-21, at times and locations convenient to you, for the events listed on the event matrix as requiring early submission. You could also remotely evaluate entries during the conference, April 21-22, for events designated as virtual on the event matrix. This will require interaction with students and/or fellow judges, in a video format such as Zoom. If you are interested in judging in-person @ Seven Springs, opportunities will exist April 20-22, similar to pre-pandemic conferences. Additionally, in-person judges can have access to early submission entries prior to the conference, if you would like additional time to review entries prior to arriving at Seven Springs, for those events designated as early submission on the event matrix. 

Below, please find a link to a list of middle school and high school events (to help in selecting which events you may want to judge) and a link to a judge’s online sign-up form. Your timely response will help in planning judging assignments.

Event list (please use links at left to navigate through middle school, high school and PA-only competitive events)

Online judges’ sign-up form 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future and to seeing you in April. Thanks! 

Lauren Lapinski

PA-TSA State Conference Director

llapinski [at] patsa.org 

610.645.1401 (ext. 7236)

**if you have already completed the online judges’ sign-up form, thank you! No need to complete again.