Interview with Mr. Joseph Narke

Interview with the newest PA-TSA Board of Directors Member, Mr. Joseph Narke


Interviewer: Samantha Horry, PA-TSA State Secretary


I recently sat down with Mr. Joseph Narke, who agreed to answer some questions regarding his views on TSA, the influence TSA has had on his life, and his involvement within TSA as an alumni. At the 2013 Bucknell meeting, Mr. Narke joined the PA-TSA Board of Directors at the age of 19, where he will be in charge of sponsorships and helping raise money for scholarships. He also serves as a chapter advisor at the Plymouth Whitemarsh TSA Chapter. Clearly, Mr. Narke is extremely involved within PA-TSA, so I was thrilled to have the chance to ask him a few questions about TSA and what it means to him.


Q: How did TSA influence your life while you were in high school?


A: TSA kept me moving forward, and it kept me out of the wrong crowd. It helped me develop a niche, which gave me a sense of belonging. TSA was the place where I felt at home; it was truly a thing I could call my own. TSA came naturally to me, and it felt like family.


Q: How has TSA influenced your life past high school?


A: TSA gave me perspective and challenged me to do better. The networking I did while in TSA also helped me obtain the the two STEM related jobs I have held and gave me many connections with people I could not have met otherwise. In a broader sense, TSA also helped me learn a lot of valuable life lessons.


Q: What have you done in TSA as an alumni, and why have you chosen to stay as involved as you are?


A: Well, I have only had one year since I graduated, but I have stayed on as a chapter advisor at my old high school. I mainly work to bring in sponsorships for our chapter through networking. Also, I am currently serving on the PA-TSA Board of Directors. I have stayed so involved because TSA is something I believe in. There is potential within everyone who comes out of TSA, and I believe that these people are the next generation of great inventors and innovators.


Q: You had the interesting experience of being able to take a project you invented in TSA, and turning it into a business you kept up after graduation. How did this experience in TSA help you in your success?


A: First of all, I got to maneuver through the patent process, which was a great learning experience. Also, TSA gave me the opportunities to network and make connections that allowed my work to succeed.


Q: Where do you see your future with TSA?


A: For the time being, I want to continue helping out as a chapter advisor and PA-TSA Board of Directors member. Long term, I would like to stay on the PA-TSA Board of Directors, but I am taking things one step at a time. However, I would like to think that I will stay with TSA because I really do believe in its mission and in TSA members. TSA is helping its members become the future backbone of America.


Q: What words of advice would you offer to a current TSA member?


A: First of all, don’t do your projects on the ride to States. Besides that, don’t procrastinate and always try your hardest the first time around. Put all your effort into whatever you do, and remember that opportunities don’t come around that often so it is important to recognize and take them when they come. Ask the question, “Why not?” and push the limits in whatever you do. Find a way around an obstacle, as there is always a way around, as long as you question things.


Q: Finally, is there anything else you would like to add?

A: I would just like to thank my advisors, Mr. and Mrs. Rickert, and Mr. Evan, for being mentors to me during my high school year, which developed into a friendship afterwards.