Forming the Ultimate Team

By Rik Bhattacharyya


With the school year going ahead full steam, most chapters are starting to meet and beginning to
work on events. This year has been particularly interesting since many chapters have not met in-
person for a whole year. We can all agree that team building is very important and as we start
preparing for regionals, I’d like to share a few tips I have learned personally to forming a team that
both performs well during competitions but also has a tremendous amount of fun while preparing.

When forming a team, go outside your comfort zone - one of the important things about teams are
that they position us to grow. We have all heard that one plus one is more than two. When you bring
together people with different backgrounds and skill sets, everyone benefits. Make sure to keep this in
mind when choosing teams. Yes, you could stick to your normal team of people you already know. Or,
you could invite a few new members to your team who have different skill sets and opinions. The
latter option not only helps unite chapter members but also makes it easier for everyone to succeed.

Find a plan and stick with it - If you’re like most members, you’ve probably come to hate the plan of
work logs that are associated with many events. Most of the time, TSA members procrastinate and fill
them out after all the work is done. However, the plan of work log can be an amazing tool and I urge
you to use it this year. The plan of work log is important because it gives everyone a job to do. Before
starting work on an event, make a rough checklist of tasks that need to be done by each member. As
they are completed, update the plan of work log. This keeps you accountable for every task and
spreads out the work load.

Benefit from individual strengths - all of us have strengths in certain areas or events. If you are
involved in multiple team events with many of the same people, try to put that to work. If you have a
team member who is really knowledgeable and involved at a certain event, don’t try to reinvent the
wheel and have them lead another event. This is where it is really important to know your team
members. You can also try to hold activities like a video game night or holiday dinner to get to know
one another while increasing your team spirit and fundraising.

Do not be afraid to put yourself out there - remember, it’s not as high-stakes as it looks. Is there an
event you are really interested in but your chapter has never done? Go for it! Is there an event you
really want to try but you don’t have team members? Start working and show your friends what it is
all about. If there is one thing have learned from TSA, it is that TSA is whatever you take from it. This
year, I encourage everyone to form teams that will help them accomplish their event but also make
memories that will last. I hope to see all of you this year at States but until then, please email me at
treasurer [at] if you have any questions, comments, or just want to chat.