Finishing SOT Initiatives

Working on initiatives as a state officer for PA-TSA has been the most rewarding experience of my TSA career. When I was elected last year, I had specific ideas to improve our organization that I was extremely passionate about. It is crazy to be able to say that by the state conference this year, we will have completed every one of the goals I committed to last year. With new ideas constantly being thrown around, there are often many initiatives that get tossed out or go unfinished, but with the support of the members of PA-TSA and the board of directors, we were able to plan efficiently and work through all my ideas.

Although we weren’t able to have a FLEX conference this year, we were still able to get CSAC members involved with creating FLEX sessions that will be added onto the state conference. Through this initiative, even more FLEX sessions will be organized by PA-TSA members in the future. Being able to let our members make their own FLEX sessions is one of the greatest parts of leading CSAC because we were able to give them the creative liberty to make their sessions as inspiring as possible.

My favorite and biggest initiative so far, has been the college readiness guide, which has evolved into much more than it was before. I am currently wrapping up my final interviews for this initiative to hopefully release on the website later this month. Along with the guide that has mostly consisted of my interviews with past TSA state and national officers, there will also be a video of the highlights from my interviews that show the most important tips I’ve gathered so far. My experience speaking with past officers has truly been inspiring and I’ve learned a lot from how they’ve grown in their positions and how they use that experience to be successful in their daily lives.

As I continue to finish up all the initiatives I’ve started so far, I’m progressively driven towards countless new ways I want to help PA-TSA grow and thrive. I’ve been continuously speaking with other members and developing new ideas that we can hopefully implement in the future. As we continue to recover from the pandemic as an organization, I want to work with you to respark the fire that burns within TSA to grow into a community that’s stronger and smarter than it was before. Through observations and research we can help PA-TSA with practical ideas and solutions that will have lasting impacts on our members and chapters. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to reach out at sergeant_at_arms [at]