Finalized Regional Required/State Qualifier Event List

After careful consideration, these are the events that will be required to be offered at the PA-TSA Regional Conferences.  For the 2020-21 school year, these events will also be deemed as the Qualifier Events for the PA-TSA State Conference. As a reminder, Qualifier Events mean that a student must place in the event at the regional level in order to participate in that even at the state level.

Regional Required/ State Qualifier Events

High School (15 Events)

Middle School (13 Events)

Architectural Design

Challenging Technology Issues

Biotechnology Design

Children’s Stories

Board Game Design

Essays on Technology

Children’s Stories

Digital Photography

Engineering Design

Inventions and Innovations

Essays on Technology

Leadership Strategies

Extemporaneous Speech

Mass Production

Future Technology & Engineering Teacher

Medical Technology Issues

Music Production

Off the Grid

Photographic Technology

Prepared Speech

Prepared Presentation

Promotional Marketing

Promotional Design

STEM Animation


Website Design

Transportation Modeling




If you have any questions, please email Mr. Kofmehl (jkofmehl [at]