Everything You Need to Know About Committees

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Are you a dedicated PA-TSA member? Do you want to become more involved at the State level? If you answered YES, then please consider applying for a State committee.

Now, for those of you who are new to TSA, State committees are comprised of students from across the state. They work on a wide range of projects from creating bylaw amendments to designing State conference promotional material. This year, you can apply for the Bylaw and Resolution Review Committee, Communications and Promotions Committee, Outreach Committee (I am the Chair!), National Service Project Committee, Conference Sessions and Activities Committee, and Regional Representatives Committee.

When I joined TSA in 2015, I was pretty clueless about committees. My chapter was relatively new, having been created in 2014, so I did not have any peer mentors that were familiar with the application process. So, I figured I can be the helping hand and walk you through the steps to becoming a State committee member.

First, read through the brief committee descriptions. You can find the link here. Do not be overwhelmed! There is a committee for everyone. When you find a committee that interests you, I suggest reading through the Plan of Work so you can get a gist of what the committee entails. If you are a returning committee member, I still encourage you to read the Plan of Work. For example, I completely restructured the Outreach Committee initiatives and timeline, so the work we will accomplish varies from past years.

Second, begin the application. Most of the questions are relatively open-ended, so you can be as detailed or brief as you would like! For my Outreach Committee application, I have standard questions for anyone applying to be a member. There are a few more questions for the Vice-Chair application. This is your chance to share your qualifications and ideas!

Lastly, each committee has a different schedule. As a State Officer Team, we will try to schedule meetings on different days. We understand that you may be a part of multiple committees.  Depending on the committee you decide to apply for, the type of work will differ. Some committees are more discussion-based, while others are more independent work. For a lot of the projects, your workload depends on how involved you choose to be within the committee. If you want to work on more projects and with other members of PA-TSA, I suggest joining multiple committees.

I hope I have helped answer some of your committee related questions! I know they can seem relatively overwhelming at first, but committees are a great way to interact and meet with new people across the state. I look forward to talking with many of you at FLEX and our upcoming conferences. As always, please feel free to send me an email with any questions or concerns. You can reach me at secretary [at] patsa.org. Thank you!