Duty of the Reporter

Won Chung's picture

Greetings Pennsylvania TSA! This is the 2013-2014 State Reporter, Won Chung. As my term begins and I officially take on the reins as the new Reporter, I shall give you a walkthrough of my symbol, duties, and responsibilities. On top of clarifying my obligations, I will explain my proposal that will change and evolve the culture of PA-TSA, allowing me to leave an unforgettable legacy in the State Conference.


Notably, “the symbol of my office is the beacon tower, and it is my duty to see that our school, community, and national association have a complete report of our organization’s activities.” Adhering to this belief, I will not only follow it in my heart but expand upon it to revolutionize and shape TSA in my vision. Pursuant to the Freedom of Speech, a significant American Ideal, I will personally make sure that all sides are heard and spoken for.


As the bearer of news, the Reporter is entitled to and responsible for keeping the State and Nation aware of our organization’s activities and developments. Mainly through the PA-POST, the State Newspaper, I am committed to making sure that all PA-TSA advisors and members are updated on upcoming events and the status of the State Officers’ proposals. This critical responsibility involves assigning articles to the Staff Writers, preparing the articles, and coordinating the production and distribution with Mr. Miller.


However, the role of the Reporter extends much farther than as can what can be plainly seen. Tasked with the duties of contacting the media for PA-TSA publicity and submitting articles to the School Scene, the National TSA newspaper, I work to promote PA-TSA and pave the way for PA-TSA to step up and take on the spotlight. In addition, working with the State Historian, Maxwell Hunt, I am bound to acquire photos and videos of Regional, State, and National Conferences. Although such a job may be arduous at times, I am honored to serve PA-TSA by whatever means.


With an evolving perspective, I will be working on officially incorporating Minecraft into the PA-TSA culture. Long gone are the State Conferences when TSA members were forced to Hunger Games and Modern Warfare 3 mods on Minecraft through their laptops. Long gone are the days when fellow Minecrafters had to hide in their hotel rooms to furtively conquer the vast wastelands and the endless waves of mobs. This State Conference, I will prioritize creating Minecraft Tournaments, bringing together PA-TSA Chapters to take on the challenge and claim the trophy of gift cards and the honor of getting their names announced during the State Conference. I will personally download the mods and maps while making sure that the server running the tournaments has the latest Minecraft update, the necessary RAM, and the fastest core.

As we approach the 2014 State Conference, a New Age dawns upon us, in which I will tirelessly work to make it the legendary State Conference that you will never forget. Until that time, do not be afraid to contact me at reporter [at] patsa.org or through my username, zakyo1337, in Minecraft. PA-TSA, be prepared for an epic year!