Duty of the Parliamentarian

Lisa Gardner's picture
I’ve got a lot cooking this year for TSA, so I hope you’re all hungry. Hi PA-TSA, I’m Lisa Gardner, your state parliamentarian for the 2013-2014 school year. As parliamentarian, my main job is to memorize that old, thick book called Robert’s Rules, so I can make sure all of our meetings are held in an appropriate manner. Basically, I make sure everyone knows what’s going on, so when we get to the business meeting we can focus on the important stuff (content, not procedure). Now because teaching our officers parliamentary procedure shouldn’t take all year (I sure hope it won’t), I’ve planned to introduce some changes to PA-TSA that I think will better it.
My first project is to create a new cross team problem solving event. My main goal is to introduce TSA-ers to working with strangers - something people do in the workforce everyday. Of course they won’t really be strangers though; they’re fellow TSA-ers. In addition to improving their problem-solving skills, this event will build connections between chapters and students. I will be submitting the event rules to a committee ASAP, so keep a look out for it.
Another project you can look for this year is a new special interest session I’m piloting at states. This special interest session will be lead by a professional in a technological field (this year that field will be business). The idea behind this session is to increase communication between TSA and professionals, but also for you members to learn about a career through a hands on experience. While the exact program is not set, the session will stimulate conversation between students about the stock market and other technical aspects of financial services and
I hope you are look forward to these additions as much as I am. Enjoy the rest of your time off before the school year and the amazing TSA season that will follow. If you have any questions for me, you can reach me at parliamentarian [at] patsa.org. Have a great summer!