Downloading 2021 Conference Schedule/ZOOM Links

Please note that the conference starts NEXT week.  Please download the most recent schedule form the web site or iServices.  The updated schedules includes the DATES for the conference, not the day of the week.  We realizes this might be causing some confusion about the submissions.  Because we moved to a virtual setting, the conference is actually taking place over multiple weeks.  Please note, web site does NOT include zoom links. 

Chapter advisors, if you need Zoom links, you will have to download the links from iServices and will need to distribute to their chapter.  There are TWO ways to get the schedule with URLs from iServices.  There is no other way to obtain the URLs for Zoom meetings.  Advisors, once you download the schedule from iServices, you can distribute the PDF to your chapter members.  The PDF will have a breakdown of events, times and URLs participants will need.  If you forward the PDF onto your members, they should be able to click the links right in the PDF.  

Option 1 - Full Schedule:

Once logged into iServices
STEP 1- Click on Conference Registration
STEP 2- Click on Virtual Information

A window will open for you to save the PDF fo your system.  You will only have access to the schedule for level (middle or high school).

See image below for assistance. 

Option 2 - Detailed Student Schedule:

Once logged into iServices
STEP 1 - Click on Conference Registration
STEP 2 - Click on View Participants
STEP 3 - Click on the Clock to the right of the Primary Advisor, Student or Team.

Depending on the clock you click on, you will either get the a) Specific schedule for the entire chapter (Primary Advisor) or b) Specific individual schedule for a student (Student) or c) Specific team schedule for the team (Team)

Please let us know if you have any further questions.