Completing Events Virtually

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Working with a team while understanding their strengths and weaknesses is already hard enough, not to mention doing it all virtually. Completing events this year serves as a new challenge: how to work as a cohesive team while remaining remote. Remote TSA work will come with a larger learning curve and will test the extent you’re determined. It will require organization, relatively frequent meetings, and deadlines to be enforced.


The first aspect of team cooperation to consider is organization. An organized team is essential in promoting teamwork. Files should be easy to locate and be accessible to all members. Ensure that your team has a place where all project files are stored and able to be accessed via cloud, like Google Drive. Consider possibly making a TSA event folder where you can store all your information and documents, organized based on the event.


A meeting structure should also be determined by the group for a minimum of one monthly meeting with the whole team, with this number increasing as you near conferences or important deadlines. Depending on how your team members prefer to work you can choose to delegate work to be done individually or have members collaborate on a meeting service. Some members may want to work on a meeting while other members may want to work alone. Both are great options and should be chosen based on the needs of your team. I suggest using a combination of both methods. Even if work is being assigned to complete virtually, it is crucial to make sure your team is still meeting to ensure enough progress has been made. Make sure that everyone is comfortable with the working style your team chooses.


To aid in creating a meeting structure, set deadlines for when you want specific parts of the event completed. Keep these deadlines loose, but make sure you have an idea of the approximate month you would like aspects complete. Once your team begins to work, consider laying out a schedule up until the regional conference and from there assigning smaller deadlines to make these goals achievable one step at a time. 

I hope these tips will help you complete your virtual events this year and allow for organized participation among teammates. I wish you all the best of luck in your TSA endeavors this year. if you find yourself struggling with managing an event virtually or have any general questions feel free to email me historian [at]