Candidates for 2014-15 state office

Each spring, PA-TSA students elect a team of State Officers to help lead the organization.

This year’s candidates for State Office, and their written statements, are listed below. Campaigns and elections will take place during the state conference in April, and the elected officers will serve from July 2014 to July 2015.

Two additional positions, Historian and Parliamentarian, will be filled through appointment by the newly elected officers.

Note: The applicants for the two appointed positions are not shown in this article, but their statements will be considered by the new State Officer Team.

Updated March 30, 2014: Candidates are now listed in alphabetical order by last name.


Candidates’ statements


Ben Cutler

Last year, I ran for office not really knowing what holding a state officer position would entail. After going through almost an entire year of holding office, I can now say that I have a much better idea of how the State Officer Team should work together to put on the best state conference possible and help our members get the most out of TSA. Sometimes we need to take a step back before we can take two steps forward. It is very enthralling to hear tons of new ideas about what we should do to improve our organization. The reality of this is that many of these outstanding ideas can’t actually make it into the organization. The issue isn’t that these ideas aren’t plausible; the issue is that we need a strong team to push them through. That is my goal. Make a cohesive unit out of the State Officer Team that can not only accomplish more big projects but also tackle the little ones with finesse. I have the problem solving skills and the leadership to be able to take us where we need to be. We need to be at our best to be able to serve you the best.

Sabrina Sayoc

I am running for the position of PATSA State President because I would like to spend my final year as a TSA competitor guiding the state officer team towards giving back to TSA and enhancing our great organization. I’m running for office because I am a leader and I do have a responsibility to step up and lead the organization that taught me to originally lead. I’m running for state office because TSA is my passion and I would be honored to serve the state for a third time. After being in TSA for the past six years, I know I’ve gained the skills to best serve this office. I’ve learned to communicate, to public speak, to network, and to take initiative. In addition, I’ve served on the PATSA SOT for two years as State Secretary and State VP. I know what being a state officer entails and I know how to jump right into the position. Though I have not served this past year as a state officer, I have served as the Membership Committee Co-Chair, and I have stayed very involved in the PATSA leadership. I’ve also had two incredible PATSA Presidents as my mentors and I know I have what it takes to fill their shoes. Not only do I have the motivation, the experience, and the skills to be the PATSA State President, I know what initiatives to take to make TSA an even greater association. Please look forward to them as part of my candidacy.


Vice President

Luke Artzt

I am running for the office of Vice President because of the position’s focus on the membership of the Pennsylvania Technology Student Association. The main job of the Vice President is to run the membership committee, and after taking part in the membership committee throughout this current year, I have come to the conclusion that I am capable of taking control of it for the upcoming year. One of my substantial achievements in the committee this year was making contact with Oklahoma TSA who also has a membership committee. We have decided to collaborate with them, and other states, on promotional materials and other advertising strategies. PA-TSA should elect me for several reasons. I have a meticulous attention to detail; meaning anything that needs to be done will be done correctly. Another reason I should be elected is because of my care for each individual member of TSA. I recognize that each and every member may have brilliant ideas, and to ignore them would be an injustice to the organization. Thirdly, my leadership skills are fit for the job. I have been a TSA member for three years, held a chapter office for each year, and I attended last year’s Bucknell leadership conference. I know how PA-TSA operates, and I believe it is time that the association is taken to the next level.

Samantha Horry

My name is Samantha Horry, and it would be my honor to become your PA-TSA State Vice President. Last year, I had the opportunity to serve as your PA-TSA State Secretary, and my favorite part was being able to talk to members and see where they think TSA can improve. I talked to many people about the State Officer application process, leading me to organize a series of special interest sessions explaining the process. I would like to take this to work next year as the State Vice President, a position where I will be able to enact lasting change in regards to membership. I would like to use my skills and experiences working with the Board of Directors of PA-TSA to utilize the membership committee to support the newer chapters of TSA. This would include publishing information of tips for getting corporate sponsorship, as this is a direction many chapters are looking towards. TSA’s problem with member retention lies in funds, where members cannot afford to send members on to states or nationals.Using the membership committee, PA-TSA can connect the knowledge of older chapters to help guide newer chapters to success with corporate sponsorship, fundraising, and member retention. Along this line, I want to investigate organizing a advisors mixer/competition to promote networking. I look forward to having the opportunity to speak with as many members as I can, and I hope that you would vote Samantha Horry for your next PA-TSA State Vice President. Thank you.

Joshua Wagner

I am running for the office of the Vice President. I entered TSA as a freshman, and have served as secretary and Vice President. I have learned from competing, collaborating with teams, and acting as a student leader. This dynamic experience is something that I want to make more accessible to others and, if possible, even better. A Vice President is in charge of keeping a strong membership. When I entered the office of the vice presidency there were few new members, and our chapter was essentially dying. As Vice President I ran the new membership meetings at Bedford High School and nearly doubled our membership. Personal connections, I found, were the key to encouraging new members to join. My ability to form personal connections with people would be a valuable asset to the officer team. When I entered high school, I thought TSA stood for the Transportation Security Administration, and this is a huge problem. TSA needs to become synonymous with technology and the future, not searching carry-on luggage. To create public awareness of TSA, a propaganda competition needs to be added to PA-TSA’s state competitions, and as Vice President I would work towards this. I can relate to the problems facing new chapters of PA-TSA. Bedford High School’s TSA chapter is fairly young. We have learned how to do most of the competitions through trial and error, so I would like to help continue Max Hunt’s project of publishing competitors’ data.

Samuel Wheeler

Hello PATSA. My name is Sam Wheeler and I am running to be your next Vice President. Ever since I was a young sixth grader looking up at the stage, but too short to see over the person in front of me, I have wanted to be a state officer. As I grew and moved into high school I began to realize my dream and move towards it. I have the leadership experience necessary at not only the local level in my own chapter, but also in many other clubs such as Future Business Leaders of America, World Affairs, and on the football team. I am a part of the TSA Membership Committee, the committee that the vice president is in charge of. As a committee we have contacted other states to raise membership as well as other schools in the area to allow more people to experience the joy that TSA is. As vice president I would be leading the membership committee to great heights and involving more members in the amazing TSA experience. No longer will we have to explain to people what TSA is but it will be a much larger part of the high school experience, as it rightfully should be. Thank you and remember to vote for me come the state conference. When there is a Wheel, there’s a way.


Olivia Crocker

I believe that I am suited for the position of PA-TSA secretary because I am a hardworking, dedicated individual with a deep appreciation and love of TSA. In my time as a TSA member, I have enjoyed competing in academic events that challenge and stimulate me. With the incredible experiences and opportunities that PA-TSA has provided me with, I want to give back to the organization and contribute some of my own talents. Although I love this association, I believe that there are some major aspects of it that need modification. In order to create a better TSA, I wish to expand upon our communication through social media and our PA-TSA website. By establishing accounts on Instagram and Twitter, more information can reach our tech-savvy membership. Furthermore, by increasing updates and sticking to a tight agenda, students will be more aware of events within PA-TSA. I also believe in student input in the rule changes that are to take place this coming year. Chapter surveys that examine what rules must be clarified or altered can result in rules that are understandable and applicable. Rule enforcement is another topic I want to approach in order to ensure that all projects are judged in the same way and that no rule is overlooked or prioritized. Lastly, I want to seek out resources about fundraising that can be distributed to chapters to reduce the cost of the state conference. I hope that I may be provided the privilege of holding a state office.

Lisa Gardner

Hello PA-TSA! My name is Lisa Gardner and I’m running to be your next State Secretary. I’m a junior from Lower Merion High School and this is my sixth year in TSA. I have held five chapter offices, one state office, and have experience serving as secretary. Being a member of the state officer team this year has been a great honor and I would love to continue using my talents to support TSA in 2015. I would like to contribute next year by expanding networking between TSA and universities, businesses, and other STEM leadership organizations. My long-term goal is to develop strong relationships with these organizations, but in the short term, I would like to invite them to help shape the leaders of tomorrow by sponsoring competitive events and making presentations at chapters or conferences. TSA’s goal is to teach us how to develop the tools and strengths we need to be successful in our technological world. Thus, it should expose its members to the technological and business communities, so that we can achieve our shared goals. PA-TSA is a unique, cutting-edge association that already offers its members many opportunities to excel, but with the help of other companies and organizations, TSA members will have more opportunities to make a difference in tomorrow’s society. I hope you enjoy your conference, and remember: Leave it to Lisa.

Catherine Liu

Next year I would love to have the honor of being the PATSA Secretary. Organization is something that I greatly value and I believe that to be the Secretary of PATSA, organization is necessary. My mom has called me her little secretary since I was a toddler because I always have things planned out to the very last minute detail. Before I joined TSA, I was unsure of what my interests were. My classmates talked about what they wanted to be when they grew up while I was completely clueless. I knew that I needed to discover what I enjoyed so that I could set long-term goals for myself, so one of my close friends and I decided to branch out and join the TSA chapter at our middle school. After competing in Engineering Math and Agriculture and Biotechnology Design, I came to the realization that I wanted to have a career in science and mathematics. My friend eventually made the decision to quit TSA, but I remained. Although it was upsetting to have her leave, I had grown so fond of the club that it was okay not to have my friend there. The TSA community had become my family. TSA has built the foundation for my future and encourages me to learn about topics that I would have never otherwise looked into. This organization truly has made an impact on my life and I would like to become part of this life-changing team.

Colin Smith

Technology Student Association has been a critical part of my development as a young adult. In my five years as a member, I have gained skills such as working within a group, understanding the importance of technology, and of course, leading a group. It would be an honor to be a part of the PA TSA state officer team; I want to give back to the organization that has equipped me with so much. Serving as state secretary would provide me with that opportunity. Communication, time management, and leadership are all fundamentals required to fulfill the role of secretary, and I am of the belief I posses all of them. Communication is critical in a technology driven society, between numerous social media channels, quickly conjuring up speeches in Extemporaneous Speech, and skills obtained from Website Design I understand how to convey information through numerous outlets. Time management is another trait I have rapidly acquired, being involved in my local swim teams, jazz band, marching band, volleyball team, NHS, and TSA has forced me to learn how to equally divide my time. Without a doubt, leadership is one of my strongest characteristics. Serving as numerous positions on my local chapter, elected as captain of my high school swim team, selected as drum major of my local marching band, and a head coach for local Special Olympics team all exemplify the idea that I comprehend the ideas of leadership. I hope for the support of PA TSA, allow me to serve you.

Ella Sweet

I think I would be an excellent candidate for the secretarial position. I will take accurate notes and keep all of the PA TSA chapters up to date with the events that occur at the state officer meetings. I have ideas that I think will help keep the things we all enjoy about PA TSA the same, and improve on ideas that are already in place.

If I become the secretary for PA TSA, I hope to implement a new competition, a competition that will design a mascot for PA TSA. This mascot would then be transferred onto PA TSA pins, shirts, and various other merchandise. Students would design a sketch of the mascot, as well as explaining why this mascot represents PA TSA. The students will then submit this design as part of their competition and then will be voted on by a panel of judges. In addition, every other year the mascot will be voted on at the PA TSA conference and it will be decided whether or not the mascot needs to be changed. If the students decide that the mascot should be changed, the competition shall be added again for the next year.

So, I ask that you vote for me, Ella Sweet, as the new PA TSA secretary.

Samantha Yarnick

In the past two years through TSA I have learned many new things, made new friends, and become a better person. I want to be even more involved in the TSA community and to do so I would like to become a TSA state officer. At school, I’m involved in many different activities because I enjoy being involved, working with others, and being a leader. I’m secretary of the 2017 executive board at my school which is why I’m running for the secretary position on the state officer team. Something I am very good at is listening, which is vital for a secretary position because you must be able to take records of everything that is being said. Aside from just being a listener, I’m a people person. This is something that qualifies me to be a great leader because I work well with others and I will put their best interests before my own. This trait is also important because as secretary I would have the responsibility of communicating with my fellow state officers about meetings,notes, etc. Another reason I would love to be a state officer, is I want to give back to the TSA community. The officers of the past two years have made my regional, state, and national conferences wonderful and unforgettable experiences. I want to be a part of the group of people that try to improve the way TSA runs. I also want to help give others the same amazing experiences I had.


Xinke Chen

I am running for the PATSA as I want to better promote and serve the organization that has given me so much the past four to five years. It is due to TSA that I am who I am today, from the advisors who have given me so much support over the years to the members whom have given so many unforgettable experiences. It is also due to TSA that I even here right now, for my 6th grade self could have never imagine running for PATSA State Officer. I am running the office of Treasurer as I believe my skill set and experience is best suited for this office. I have helped with fundraisers both at the middle and high school level and have helped organize with another officer the American Cancer Society Relay for Life in my chapter. But most importantly, I want to simply what to give back to PATSA for all it has given me for the past four to five years.

Tyler Doratt

I am running for this office because I want to benefit I am running for this office because I want to benefit Pennsylvania TSA. I would consider myself to be a good leader. Being elected into state office would allow me to further myself as a leader. I could contribute great things to our association and help to better it each and every day. Being elected as state treasurer would also benefit me later on in life. I am pursuing a career in the United States Military. I am currently going through my application process to the United State Naval Academy. The leadership potential that I have as state treasurer would have tremendous benefits to my application to the Naval Academy. I would consider myself to be more than qualified to be elected as state treasurer. I have the strength and determination as well as the leadership and good moral beliefs that are necessary to help lead Pennsylvania TSA as their state treasurer. Pennsylvania TSA. I would consider myself to be a good leader. Being elected into state office would allow me to further myself as a leader.

Brandon Frey

The main reason I want to run for PATSA State Treasurer is because I love to help people. I feel that with my leadership and influence I can affect TSA members positively. I should be elected for this position because I am a born leader, communicator, and a very passionate person. I want to work with the American Cancer Society and develop easy fundraising opportunities that all chapters can participate in, which will increase the fight against cancer and fund cancer research. If elected I plan to produce precise and accurate records of all funds required for PATSA to run smoothly. I am more than qualified for this responsibility because of my advanced level math curriculum and my organizational techniques. Through my heavy workload I will persist to accompany every state officer meeting and produce interesting articles on relating subjects required. Every obstacle I face I will do above and beyond what is required of me. I hope that I am a candidate for PATSA’s State Treasurer and hopefully I will be elected to serve and give back to the community, the same that TSA has done for me.

Brendan Gard

I have a lot of experience in the Technology Student Association, four years counting this year. I also have experience with money,being student body treasurer and high school TSA treasurer for two years. I feel that I am qualified for the position of treasurer, and I am ready to take on the difficulties that may lie with it. Another reason that I want to become the PA state treasurer is the fact that no one from my chapter has ever run for a position, let alone win a position. I take TSA very seriously, and I would like to make my mark in my chapter, and in my state. I should be elected because I have ideas for how to make the state conference better. Specifically calling many companies within Pennsylvania that correspond to events taking place, and having them send representatives to discuss the application of the event to their line of work. In the field of treasury, I want to set up a fundraiser for next years state conference that would go to purchasing TSA apparel for students who can’t afford it.

Noah Huffman

Last year, I was blessed to be one of the inaugural members of my school’s TSA chapter, and the experience was magical. We had four members, only one underclassman, and only got our chapter together in time to attend the State Conference. I participated in Debating Technological issues with a senior, and we placed within the top twelve. Although we did not qualify for nationals, the experience changed my life. The atmosphere of the State Conference and the quality students there floored me. How could so many talented, driven, and kind people be drawn together? After the conference, I knew that I wanted to make a change to better my community and PATSA.. Although TSA is not prominent in my school, I petitioned some kids who I knew would do well in and enjoy TSA. As a result, we were able to replace the two seniors who graduated and recruit some underclassman to ensure the chapter is carried on. Also, next fall, our TSA chapter will have an opportunity to talk about itself at a school assembly. In addition to participating in TSA,I currently hold leadership positions on five school clubs including Computer Club and Mu Alpha Theta. Additionally, I attend a monthly meeting with local businessmen to discuss entrepreneurship. I want to run for the office of state treasurer because I believe that it will allow me to use my skills to best impact the organization I am blessed to be a part of.

Mathi Tamilmani

Hello PA-TSA, my name is Mathi Tamilmani! I am from the Downingtown STEM Academy and I would love to be your state treasurer! I am running for this office because I want every member to enjoy TSA just as much as I do, and my ideas will make that possible. Coming from a new chapter that started without any money, I have learned the importance of fundraising. If elected your state treasurer, I will ensure that we start fundraising as early as possible so that we earn as much as possible! Throughout this process, I promise to keep accurate reports of all finances. While making money is important, giving money is equally as critical. This is why I helped my local chapter start a charity committee to donate part of our proceeds to the American Cancer Society, TSA’s partner in the National Service Project. If elected your treasurer, I will not only raise money for PA-TSA members, but also for the American Cancer Society! My plan is to organize a friendly competition between local chapters to see who can raise the most money for this charity. All this management of finances requires one important aspect: math. If you take another look, you’ll notice that I actually have the word math in my name (Mathi)! Remember: voting is an easy game, because it’s all in the name! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 15mtamilmani [at] or in person at the state conference!

Nathan Yee

TSA has essentially been my primary extracurricular for the past three years. Throughout the course of my TSA career, I have had the opportunity to partake in many different types of events, all of which have furthered my growth and development as a technology student and global citizen. As a 3 time district and state qualifier, I feel that it is time to give something back to this organization that has helped me to such a substantial extent. My greatest academic strength is in math, while my greatest social strengths are organization, creativity, and balance. These skills manifest themselves through my grades (5.0 GPA) and vibrant extracurriculars (TSA, music, volunteering). Because of my mathematical inclination, Treasurer seems like the best fit for me. If I am participating in a role that fits my skill set, the tasks set before me will not be burdensome, but rather enjoyable (much like the projects that I am doing for the state conference). I am certain that if I am fortunate enough to attain this role, that I will take great pleasure in maintaining, improving, and representing TSA.


Chirag Agarwal

I am running for the position of PA TSA Reporter on the recommendation of many of my peers, teachers, and advisors, as well as a chance to show PA TSA what I can offer to this organization. It has been a goal to be a leading member ever since I have been a part of this organization, to prove to myself I am able to serve my peers well, and to show my leadership and task specific skills in order to benefit all. My credentials for this position include membership in the middle and high school news programs, CITV, for the past 4 years. I have performed various duties in these organizations, including anchoring, video production, writing articles, collecting information from sources, and working various boards such as sound and transitioning. Alongside with these skills, I bring experience with website design, and photography, ensuring the world will have knowledge of our state’s activities. I have maintained A’s throughout my English Classes, and have been noted for my ability to present information in a concise yet thorough manner. I have held many leadership roles in clubs such as Orchestra, String Ensemble, History Club, Robotics Club, Math Club, Reading Olympics, Odyssey of the Mind, Plymouth Balvihar, Sai Darbar, Library Board, and in TSA am serving as the chapter parliamentarian. These roles have prepared me for the role as the PA TSA Reporter, along with my inner motivation to serve and prove myself worthy; hence my decision to run for PA TSA Reporter.

Morgan Lepre

Becoming a PA-TSA state officer has been a goal of mine since I joined TSA in 7th grade. As a junior at Boyertown Area Senior High School this would be my last year that I would be able to run for a position. Every year I’ve gone to states, I’ve served as one of my chapter’s delegates. Each time I have went to the delegate meetings I have looked up at the candidates and admired what they’re trying to do, and the goal they wish to reach. TSA in the past five years has done so much for me in teaching me about technology, science, and leadership. These are skills almost no other school organization can provide a student. I honestly feel because of the Technology Student Association I’m ready to tackle the real world when the time comes, and become a successful individual. The position I’ve elected to run for is State Reporter. I love to write, and my English skills are also very good. But my main reason for running is to give back to TSA and everyone involved. I want everyone to know how much TSA means to me. Without TSA many of us would have no way to learn about these different technologies and sciences, and for that I’m grateful. Giving back to an organization that has done so much for me is the least I can do to say, “thank you”. Knowing I have to opportunity to make TSA even better is a great feeling.

Sapphire Naugle

My name is Sapphire Elizabeth Naugle and I am running for the elected office of Reporter. I have leadership qualities that I want to use to make a difference. I believe that through this office I would be able to encourage and help other TSA members. I want to be a leader and someone that others can lean on for support. Through this position as Reporter, I will be able to communicate with people and encourage them. I have a heart for people and a love for TSA, and if I combined those two together, I would have my dream. That’s why I want to be elected for Reporter.


Ann Slider

I have chosen to run for the state office of Report because I thoroughly enjoy holding that position currently, care about writing, and making sure that everyone has an opportunity to receive information about something they have a passion for (aka. TSA). Being Reporter is about keeping students, advisers, and administration up to date with what is happening with TSA.




Daphne Weiss

Hi PA-TSA! My name is Daphne Weiss, and I would like to be your next state reporter. I have served in three different officer positions for my chapter, and I’ve been an active member of the PA-TSA membership committee for the past year and a half. I am very dedicated to this organization, and these experiences have taught me the leadership skills necessary to serve as a state officer. I have many ideas for helping to improve our state delegation. For example, I would like to create a section on the website with samples of each event and tips from successful competitors. This would give members, especially those from small or recently formed chapters, a better starting point for working on their projects. It would also help to showcase some of our state’s best work. Additionally, I would like to reach out to new chapters and provide them with more support to help ensure that they remain affiliated. I am confident that I have the skills necessary to serve PA-TSA, so remember to vote Daphne Weiss for your next State Reporter.


Bethany Barbis

I am running for Sergeant-at-Arms because TSA has made such an incredible impact on my life. It has helped me pursue my passion, and running for an office will give me a chance to give back to the organization that has done so much for me. I want to spread the word about TSA and make it accessible to even more students. I believe I possess qualities that are very important in an officer, like being able to set realistic and attainable goals, positive thinking, and leadership skills. The positive attitudes and the brilliance of TSA members make it a group of students to be proud of, and I am honored to have a chance to be a bigger part of PA-TSA. In conclusion, I am running for the office of Sergeant-at-Arms because I believe I have what it takes to be a PA-TSA officer.

Zack Chan

I am running for the Sergeant-at-Arms position because my previous leadership experience makes me the best candidate for this position. The Sergeant-at-Arms is responsible for setting up the room for a business meeting. This year, I am the head of my chapter’s dance comity. This job makes me work with my officer team to: plan a dance, set up the environment, and run the dance as a way to fundraise for our chapter. This year I have helped run two dances and made large amounts of fundraising money for my chapter. Also, PA-TSA officers need to have great leadership experience. I also do boy scouts, where I currently serve as a den chief. This leadership office entitles me to volunteer at a local cub scout pack in assisting in managing scouts and activities, and in setting up meeting rooms and appointments, two items that the Sergeant-at-Arms and all PA-TSA officers need to do. Lastly, I have recently completed NYLT, also known as National Youth Leadership Training. This scouting course taught me about fundamental leadership skills and strategies that can be used in scouting. However, if I were to be elected as the 2014-2015 PA-TSA Sergeant-at-arms, I plan to bring the skills I learned from my past experiences into the team to help create a better PA-TSA of tomorrow.

Weiharik Garcia

The office of Sargeant-at-Arms is in charge of coordinating meetings, banquets, and other gatherings, as well as greeting those who attend. I enjoy being able to set up events, and with my good organization skills it would be easy for me to accomplish everything that would need to be done to make it happen. TSA is already a large part of my life, and the other extra curricular activities I take part in have taught me how to bring together people. I would like to apply my skills to the organization that I already feel fondly about, that is why I am running for state office.

Etan Ginsberg

In a world where understanding technology has become as important as literacy, I see the immense potential of TSA to change individual lives and the world as a whole. What makes a good officer is someone who has the drive, who challenges the process, who is not afraid to be a part of the TSA community, who sees the sky as the limit and the world as the canvas, and who turns failure into success. This is what I bring to TSA.

In addition, by being a member of this organization, I have the unique perspective of seeing areas for improvements as well as strengths of TSA. I want to take that knowledge and my personal drive and use it to help TSA, and the way for me to do that is by being an officer and working along side other officers to lead. I maintain a 5.0 GPA as well as participate in tennis, track, Science Olympiad, and World Affairs Council. While I don’t believe grades are a complete basis for electing an officer, it has given me a high level of time-management and diligence toward work.

The officer of Sergeant At Arms appeals to me because of the emphasis on interacting with other people. I will communicate and work with TSA members to foster a greater relationship between the organization and its leadership. I will welcome and guide the TSA community and ensure meetings are set up properly.

I cannot wait for this upcoming state conference and I hope to help TSA as an officer!

Etan Ginsberg

Michael Panczyszyn

I am running for sergeant-At-Arms because I believe this position would be a good starting point for my goal of creating a system that would allow for easier access to States for smaller chapters. I believe that I am qualified for this position because of my experiences organizing the Regional competitions for our local chapter for the last three years. I have assisted with meeting set up, event set up and general organization of the Regional Conference. In respect to the responsibility of being as the greeter and doorkeeper for meetings, I enjoy meeting new people and I am very outgoing. As the doorkeeper, I will strive to make everyone feel comfortable, welcome and enjoy themselves.