Apple Vision

Innovative, daring, sleek. These three words come to mind when Apple is said, or so it used to be like that. With the new Apple products such as the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c it brings to question what road Apple is headed towards.

The first time an iPhone came out in 2007, it was an absolute hit. Five years later, the new phones are still a hit. Back then, however, it was innovative and out of the norm for the iPhone. Now, it is one in the same, and nothing “innovative” or “daring” seems to come out of it.

The iPhone still holds its same shape, and still has the same features. Except, this time, there’s a fingerprint scanner. Sure, it might be fun to have your fingerprint matched and set on your phone so that nobody could access it, but it might remind you of Big Brother. Then, you might feel a bit weary that Big Brother’s watching you. Nevertheless, this one big aspect fails to really surprise people. Each time the iPhone releases a new version, it seems to have less of a “wow” factor.

Another aspect of the 5s is that it comes in a gold shade, and to people, this might seem nice considering the iPhone has only been released in black or white previously, but to others this may come off as a “so what?” The color is a mere accessory, while its functions have nothing left to show.

Speaking of colors, apple has released the iPhone 5c, which is the nice “cheaper and colorful” alternative iPhone. The colorful backs are fun and vibrant, enough to attract people’s wandering eyes. However, the problem with the colorful iPhone is that once again, it lacks any sort of extra function. It’s aesthetically pleasing, but is it worth buying a new phone just for aesthetic purposes?

The color raises into question whether this was Steve Jobs’ vision or not. Where in the beginning the phone was only released in silver, then black and white, it is now being released in all different colors. If the iPhone could have been colorful from the beginning, then why is it just becoming colorful now? If Steve Jobs could look at where the iPhone is now, would he be pleased or would he shake his head at this mere “tackiness” of the phone?

Now, I’m not saying it’s tacky. I’ll admit, the phone is pretty eye-catching and allows for a nice accessory. I’m also not bashing the Apple company seeing as I have a nice iPhone 5, and I’m typing this on a Macbook now. It just makes my mind wonder where Apple is headed towards, and where it’s innovative spirit went. Where it began as this completely genius mindset, it seems streamline now, and every device released by apple seems to be extremely similar to the one before it minus one feature. I do not want to see Apple’s demise, rather I want to see Apple succeed and thrive in the future. I’m waiting to see Apple’s next big thing, completely different than anything it has made before.