ACS Racer Competition: Description and Rules

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Hello PA-TSA chapters!


This year, the state officer team and board of directors have been collaborating on a new event to support the American Cancer Society (the TSA national service project). In order to attract more interest from the general membership, we are swapping the Nascar Relay for Life event for a competitive dragster competition entitled “ACS Racers.” If you and your chapter love to design and race CO2 dragsters but feel restricted by the guidelines of the actual TSA competition, you’re in luck. The ACS Racers competition, while recognizing racing prowess and overall design, does not evaluate the dimensions of the dragster as intensely as the actual TSA competitions. If you want to design a dragster, have fun, win a few prizes, and maybe even gain bragging rights within PA-TSA, read on to learn how to participate.


An outline of dragster regulations and rules is attached to this article. These guidelines are in place for safety precautions and will not seriously hinder creativity in design or efficiency of the cars. Take advantage of the freedom you have in design; be sure to research the best designs and model your car the way you want it (all within the safety restrictions, of course!). Also, feel free to look beyond standard wooden blanks when you build your car; although you can still use wood to build your car, you could also 3-D print a racer!


In the attempt to appeal to all members of the state conference, the competition will be split into two main categories that each have two subcategories. While chapters and their advisors will participate within the Chapter category, adults (including judges, alumni, parents, chaperones, and other volunteers) can participate in the Adult category. Each one of these categories will have two subcategories; one that simply focuses on the fastest cars, and another one that rewards participants for the most creative design. Prizes are available for winners of each of the subcategories (in both the Chapter and Adult distinctions).


In order to raise money for the American Cancer Society, each car that is submitted towards the competition requires a minimum donation. While entries will be accompanied by at least a $15 donation, donations above the threshold are welcome. All entries will be checked in during Dragster dropoff on the first night of the state conference (Wednesday, 4/13/2016). Expect to see the dragsters being raced later during the conference; specific times will be available in the state conference schedule.

Please join PA-TSA in the pilot year of this fun and philanthropic event! If you have any further questions, please contact me at president [at] ()<!--style="text-decoration:none;"--> or Mr. Dale Moll (Board of Directors President) at dmoll [at] ()<!--style="text-decoration:none;"-->. See you at states!

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