2021 President's Welcome

Greetings, PA-TSA! Over the past year, there have been many analogies used in an attempt to describe our world amidst a global pandemic. From a rollercoaster ride to the pineapple on pizza debate, these metaphors barely scrape the surface of everything that has happened during these ever changing times. But as guidelines are being lifted and the world is slowly shifting back to a new normal, I am choosing to think optimistically about the future. While I may not know exactly what this organization will look like a decade, half decade, or even a year from now, I do know that it is time to turn the page into a new chapter of the PA-TSA history books. 


To begin, your SOT is already hard at work preparing new initiatives to enhance your TSA experience for this upcoming year. First, we will be uploading new toolkits to the website which will cover topics such as fundraising, getting more involved with PA-TSA, outreach, chapter recruitment, college applications, and more. We will also be continuing over a dozen of the initiatives that were started over the past few years. These include the Meme Contest, Bi-Monthly blog posts, Pin Design Contest, Officer Q&A Videos, Virtual Chapter Representative Meetings, and so many more. 


Over the years, there have been many efforts to improve communication within PA-TSA. From the revival of the State Officer Blog to an overhaul of our social media, we’ve made monumental strides in the right direction. I am excited to announce that at the July BOD meeting, the SOT got a PA-TSA Discord Server proposal approved. This server will become the hub of communication for members throughout our delegation. We will be rolling out the server in a “trial phase” for committee members in the Fall, and then hope to provide access to all members of PA-TSA later in the year.


Looking for ways to get involved with PA-TSA? Follow us over on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube @pennsylvaniatsa. We have many exciting new videos and content planned for you this year. Also, I encourage you to join state committees! I joined my first committee in 9th grade, and I fully regret not joining sooner. They are a great way to not only leave your mark on PA-TSA, but also make genuine friendships with people from across the state. Applications to join state committees are located here, and the deadline to apply for a standard position is November 1st. Been in a state committee before? Apply to be a Vice Chair! This is an amazing way to kickstart a campaign for state office. This year we will be holding Vice Chair interviews over Zoom, so if you are interested, be sure to keep an eye out.


PA-TSA, as we begin this new school year, I have a challenge for you: step outside your comfort zone. Work with people in your chapter you’ve never been on a team with before, join a state committee, run for state office, or even just start your events more than 2 days before regionals. If at any point during this year you have questions or ideas, please feel free to email me at president [at] patsa.org. I wish you the best of luck in all your TSA endeavors, and I hope to see you at conferences in the near future!