2022-2023 PA State Officer Candidates

 Please take a moment to read about our candidates for the 2022-2023 school year.  


Ben Moldovsky

Hey PA-TSA. I’m your current PA-TSA State Secretary, Benjamin Moldovsky! For the past two years, while we unfortunately haven’t been able to see each other in person, I’ve been hard at work behind the scenes with the rest of the State Officer Team. Coming back from COVID, TSA has been faced with some obstacles in returning to normalcy. In specific, we need to emphasize membership recruitment at the chapter level. At this time, there is no good, immediate solution besides a gradual growth in membership. I’d like to create a special committee focused on recruitment made up of members from chapters throughout the state. The committee would solely aim to facilitate membership growth and promote discourse on recruitment strategies. 

Another concern for many of our graduating members is post-secondary/college recognition, which is something most of us eventually have to face. I’d like to create a resource that members can use when they begin TSA to keep track of their achievements and progress. This outline would record relevant items admission officers are looking for in order to create a foundation to build off. 

PA-TSA, I am incredibly excited to see you all at our upcoming state conference. If you’re interested in learning more about my ideas, I encourage you to check out my social media or talk to me directly at States. As always, feel free to reach out to me at bmoldovsky [at] gmail.com.


Michelle Zheng

Back to normal. Three simple words, yet it perfectly captures all we’ve wanted for the past few years. With the days counting down, I’m beyond excited for our return to Seven Springs, but I also urge you to think about this: why settle for normal when we could do so much more?

Over this past year, I’ve accomplished a lot as your State Reporter. I created the Member Recruitment Toolkit to help struggling chapters, designed a question tree to make finding answers easier, and implemented the Video Tutorial Series. I’ve also spearheaded Gamers vs. Cancer, raising over $1,400 for the American Cancer Society, co-chaired this year’s largest student committee, and continuing past successes, I’ve maintained our strong social media presence. 

However, there’s still more to be done. We need to continue rebuilding our membership and bring back chapters we’ve lost by utilizing existing resources for members and providing one-on-one support. Competitors need an easier way to communicate problems and grievances about events during the State Conference. To lower costs, our sponsorship system should be publicized for all to see and revamped so anyone can give to PA-TSA as a whole. Let’s continue to push boundaries by creating a library of donated materials such as tools, laptops, building supplies, and more to lend to chapters in need. 

Pennsylvania TSA, while we’re returning to normalcy, let’s use this opportunity to not only rebuild, but to transform. I can’t wait to see you all soon and when voting, remember, Excel with Michelle.




Zane Al-Saleem

Hello PA-TSA! My name is Zane Al-Saleem, and I’m thrilled to be running for the position of State Vice-President. This past year, I have had the amazing opportunity to serve as your state Sergeant-At-Arms. Through my experiences as a state officer, I have learned and grown a lot. Meeting new people and getting the opportunity to lead a committee has been the highlight of my TSA career. Through completing my first few initiatives, I have developed more ideas and goals for our organization to recover and thrive.

As your next State Vice-President, I plan to strengthen regional leadership and connectivity. Better organization and participation on the regional level will help promote a stronger and more passionate delegation. Additionally, I plan to provide more resources and opportunities to get more members involved with the state delegation and state committees.

My passion for leadership and TSA has driven me to make this organization one of my top priorities. I will continue to strive to see this organization excel and inspire the future of the modern world.

As I reminisce of the last state conference at Seven Springs, three years ago, I wonder what this next one is going to be like. The seniors now were only freshmen then, yet our organization has continued to persist. People like me and you have the power to make positive change. To learn more about my goals, follow my campaign at the state conference later this month.



Eryn McKendree

Hey PA-TSA! My name is Eryn McKendree, and I’m running to be your next PA-TSA State Secretary. It is interesting to think about how much PA-TSA has grown over the last few years. We have faced much adversity and have seen this organization wax and wane with the tides of current events. Still, PA-TSA has always come back stronger with each new year, presenting opportunities to us, its members, without fail. I have worked in this organization as a competitor, officer for my chapter and region, and vice-chair of the Outreach Committee. Most importantly, I have seen PA-TSA as a member of its community, which has inspired me to run for this position. As your Secretary, I will work to push our organization to a new level. I hope to establish a network of student, chapter, and advisor resources that will improve PA-TSA by branching into post-secondary aid and other important topics. Additionally, I aspire to establish a web of cooperative relations involving corporate sponsors, fellow organizations, and the public. Beyond just business, I desire to bring some fun to the table with immersive student mini-competitions that allow students to culminate their skills while enjoying casual competition. These points are only the tip of the iceberg for what I have to give, as it is my goal to give back as much as I can to this community. For more information, please visit my upcoming Instagram page. I thank you for your time and wish you luck in your events.


Katherine Smith 

Hey PA-TSA, my name is Katherine Smith and I am running to be your next State Secretary! During my five years in TSA, I have served as Chapter President, Vice-Chair of the Bylaw and Resolution Review Committee, Region 5’s Lead Representative, as well as a member of multiple other committees. As your Secretary, I will serve PA-TSA by utilizing my resources, experiences, and ideas to strengthen our community. 

Firstly, to expand our membership’s resources, I will implement a monthly newsletter with information on the latest STEM opportunities. By keeping our membership well informed with the latest opportunities available, we will strengthen members’ experiences in STEM through summer programs, internships, and more. 

Second, to increase PA-TSA awareness, I will create a new Outreach sub-committee dedicated to the recruitment of new chapters. This sub-committee will contact unaffiliated schools, assist them through the steps of affiliation, and implement a chapter-mentorship program to lead new chapters into their successful development. 

Finally, to create a new scholarship, I will work alongside the PA-TSA State Treasurer in organizing fundraisers to create a $450 State Conference Scholarship. This scholarship will provide members of PA-TSA with a way to affordably attend our State Conference, and the recipient will be selected by the Board of Directors. 

A vote for Katherine is a vote to strengthen PA-TSA. To learn more about me and my initiatives, check out my Instagram, @Katherine4TSA. I wish you the best of luck with your events and look forward to seeing you all at Seven Springs!




Saharsha Navani 

I am running for the position of Treasurer because I know that I can contribute to expanding PATSA’s influence and devote TSA funds towards essential areas. I have held numerous local offices since 2020, so I have the experience and skills necessary to improve TSA’s influence, vision, and student environment. Being TSA Vice President and NJHS Vice President in middle school taught me many different ways to raise and maintain money, allowing the organizations I managed to thrive. For instance, we hosted many fundraisers going from car to car, trying to sell items, teaching me both how to advertise and manage the flow of money effectively. This effort to improve the community landed our NJHS program over $1,000 over 3 weeks. Even though High School TSA has a wide influence and is cost-effective compared to other organizations, due to the large fees for the State and National Conferences, many students are unable to continue in their competitions. Many highly-capable students are unable to pursue their passion due to financial matters. With my election as TSA State Treasurer, I will allocate more funds towards helping students pay for these conferences to the best of my and the State Office’s ability, allowing them to further develop their skills and foster their love and pursuit of STEM-related fields. Overall, with my election as PATSA State Treasurer, I will positively impact TSA’s conferences, reputation, and success in the future.


Sahil Reddy 

Being a treasurer has always spoken to me as I love math and enjoy computation. These traits naturally make me inclined to be a treasurer, and I believe that I possess the accountability and responsibility necessary to handle PA TSA’s treasury sufficiently. Not only this, but I thrive in positions of leadership and see myself as an outstanding communicator. In the past, I have served as the treasurer of the National Junior Honor Society, led my travel soccer team as the captain, and been the captain of my robotics team. These notable positions of leadership speak to my familiarity with leading a group. Additionally, I have won many notable accolades regarding math throughout the years, such as Math Counts first and third place. My communication skills have also been tested in the business competition known as DECA, where I was able to attend the State Career Development Conference due to a fourth-place finish at the regional level. My strengths revolve around the position of treasurer, and I feel that I can adequately serve as the PA TSA’s treasurer for the 2022-2023 school year.


William Reisner 

Hey PA-TSA! My name is William Reisner, and I’m so excited to be running to be your next State Treasurer. TSA has given me countless opportunities both in and out of conferences, and now it’s time to give back to this wonderful community. While TSA has already given so much to me, I believe that together, we can make PA-TSA even more special for its members.

In the recent months, PA-TSA has excelled in making our community stronger and preparing for an incredible state conference. As we prepare to finally see our friends from across the state, we can raise PA-TSA’s ACS fundraising to levels never seen before.

As your Treasurer, I will create incentives for chapters to increase fundraising efforts. Exemplary chapters, like those that raise the most money in their regions, will be recognized at the state level and given an upgraded chapter status with reduced dues and reserved seating at the State Conference. Additionally, the State Officer Team will meet with other states to discuss their fundraising methods, and organize meetings with our chapters to bring these strategies to them. With the help of my fellow members, we can make PA-TSA better for everyone.

Through my work on BARRC, and my experience serving as chapter secretary, I’ve learned valuable leadership and planning skills that I will take with me to the SOT. To the members of this incredible organization, I can’t wait to make PA-TSA stronger than ever with you. Remember, PA-TSA will Rise Up With Reisner!


Miriam Ruback 

Hi PA-TSA! My name is Miriam Ruback, and I am excited to be running as your next state treasurer. Leadership is always important, but no more so than now, after two years of COVID. As a state officer, I will take my responsibilities seriously and I will be a leader who represents all members.

During my five years in TSA, I have served my high school and middle school chapters as President, Vice President, and Treasurer. At the state level, I’ve been a member of committees including CSAC, leading my own special interest session, and Regional Reps. This year I am a member of the National Service Project Committee, chairing the Conference Fundraising Subcommittee. As a part of NSP, I’ve worked with the current treasurer to create fundraising resources for chapters and, throughout the past year, I’ve attended multiple regional conferences to learn what members need. 

I am excited by the opportunity to continue this work while bringing new ideas to the table, such as creating an interviewed Fundraising Representative Position for NSP. This position would visit other regions and talk directly to students and advisors about improving fundraising. I also want to create a fund to help restart chapters that are returning after COVID. Finally, I want to hold a new American Cancer Society Fundraising Event at the State Conference, such as a cardboard boat race. 

I care about TSA and I will continue to work to make it great. Keep PA-TSA moving forward with Ruback! Thank you.



Charlize Amper

Hey PA-TSA! My name is Charlize Amper and I’m running to be your next state reporter. 

I am amazed to see how PA-TSA has developed and improved throughout these tough times. It’s been a really hard time for everybody. It proved that, as a state, we were able to make changes to accommodate this ever-changing world. With that being said, I want to help with that change. 

I have some great new ideas to expand social media. My initiatives include a new form of social media, monthly fundraisers and giveaways through Instagram, website design improvements, and regional Instagrams so that every region has a chance to shine. I also want members to be able to make greater connections throughout the state. My other initiatives include a guide to help newer members and smaller chapters, and statewide game nights to increase involvement and interactions between regions.

Now, you might be asking yourself, “These are some great initiatives, but what qualifications does she have?” Well, I’ve taken many leadership responsibilities within my chapter. I have served as my chapter’s president, vice president, and secretary throughout my years in TSA. I also am the creator and maintainer of my chapter’s social media page. Outside of my chapter, I’m a member of CAPC and a regional officer for my region. Also, I have skills in graphic design, video production, and I even dabble in animation. 

I hope that you greatly consider me as your next state reporter. Remember, life’s a breeze with Charlize!


Shubham Gupta


During the past two years, I have assumed many roles, for TSA and FIRST Robotics. In FTC, I have been a Dean’s Semifinalist for two years, and I led my team to states for two years straight in my new role as captain. The virtual TSA year let me assume the roles between my individual teams, such as software and webmaster. As reporter this year in my chapter, I have connected with the CVTSA students, 130+ of the students, and been available to respond and am a compass for the students. I connected with them through Schoology notifications and the announcements and led meetings when needed. I am connected with both of the middle school students, along with my duty at the high school. An evolution of this year’s chapter is accessibility of resources, such as a one-page description of event rules and suggestions that is soon accessible to all of the students. Some notable activities that I have done both in TSA and FIRST Robotics include the kickoff to a successful fundraising event for the CVTSA State chapter in Double Good Popcorn that raised over 3300+ dollars within 20 students. I connected and mentored a FIRST Global Challenge team in Belize, where I mentored less fortunate students the skills of CAD in Onshape and the engineering process. I started an FLL club in the local middle school that placed 10th in their first tournament. I am very proud of my dedication and hope to continue as a State officer.


Hannah Schifter

I am running for Reporter because Pennsylvania TSA information needs to be more accessible to general and prospective members. If elected, I would create a new member’s guide to cover the basics of PA-TSA. This would improve engagement and recruitment across the state because new and prospective members, who may be unsure about contacting officers, would have a centralized document that covered all basic jargon and structure of PA-TSA. If elected, I would work to bring the website back up to date. It is no secret that the PA-TSA website contains information that is no longer relevant to the current day. Updating the website would give us a more professional appearance. No prospective member wants to read about systems that were introduced back in 2017. They want to know what is happening now, and we need to present an up to date website to give them that information.

I should be elected as Reporter because I have significant experience in recruiting and engaging members within my chapter and other organizations. I created, from the ground up, a Scouts BSA Girls’ troop by finding, recruiting, and training girls who had no background in Boy Scouts. I am also the chair of the Membership and Recruitment Committee of West Chester BBYO (B’nai B’rith Youth Organization), and I have singlehandedly recruited around 20 new members in the last four months. But most importantly, I understand the confusion of being a new member, and I want to eliminate that confusion for all future members by being State Reporter. 




Elijah Adu

Lower attendance, fewer schools, chapters still reeling from the pandemic. The truth is PA-TSA is facing one of the greatest challenges in its entire history. Times like these require leadership that is willing to fight to preserve the future of this organization. 

Rebuilding our membership will require that we make TSA more compelling to potential members. We need to reach out to groups that have been underrepresented in TSA to make it a more inclusive place.

That’s where I come in. I’ve been in TSA for six years serving as an officer at the local level and on statewide committees. I’ve rebuilt my school’s membership numbers to their pre-pandemic level through the use of successful advertising, and making our chapter one of the most diverse in the state.

To revitalize our regional conferences we will need to expand our pool of chapters by waiving registration fees for new and dormant chapters. We need an advertising workshop at states, so officer teams can start learning about and making recruiting material for the next year. As Sergeant-At-Arms, I will work to coordinate events that show new chapters what TSA is all about. At the same time, I will revitalize alumni networking events at states to connect alums and members with internships, events, and career opportunities.

Though it’s been a rough few years, I know PA-TSA will persevere and come out of this crisis stronger, but only if we put in the work. So when voting, remember to “Do it Right with Adu!”

Avanti Athavale 

Hello PA-TSA! My name is Avanti Athavale, and I am running to be your 2022-2023 State Sergeant-At-Arms. I am currently a junior at Cumberland Valley High School, located in Region 3

This year, I had the honor of being Region 3’s president and my chapter’s vice president; the previous year, I was the region’s vice president and my chapter’s treasurer. Along with being involved with the regional officer team, I was Region 3’s lead representative this year after serving on the Regional Representatives Committee for the past two years. Additionally, I am currently serving on the following committees: CAPC, NSP, BAARC, Outreach, and CSAC. I have been on BAARC, Outreach, and CSAC for two years and NSP for three years. 

As your State Sergeant-At-Arms, I will have new initiatives for PA-TSA. One such initiative is to implement FLEX differently: I want to create a first year and second year level for FLEX. The first year will have sessions on membership growth and setting up a chapter officer team, while the newly created second year will focus on how to motivate chapter members to get the best from a chapter along with focusing on chapter dynamics and professionalism.  

Thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about what makes me qualified to be PATSA’s next sergeant at arms and get a glimpse about my ideas for the state. To learn more, look for my social media campaign. Vote Avanti for your 2022-2023 State Sergeant-At-Arms!


Julia Carrasco

Hi PA-TSA! My name is Julia Carrasco and I am ecstatic to be running for your next Sergeant at Arms! As we all know, the State Conference is one of the greatest opportunities for members to compete, gain independence, and make long-lasting friendships. However, COVID-19 has prevented many members from fully experiencing everything our State Conference has to offer. 

As Sergeant at Arms, I will make it my mission to make our State Conference a more memorable experience for both new and returning members. I will create a digital map of Seven Springs and introduce a new CSAC subcommittee specifically aimed to assist new members in navigating their first State Conference. 

I will also ensure that information about our special interest sessions is more known to members through increased social media advertising. By increasing our online presence, I will also update unused website pages to make information pertaining to states easier to navigate.

During my five years of eager participation in TSA, I have been Vice-Chair of the Conference Sessions and Activities Committee, served as a reporter for my chapter, and am a part of numerous committees such as National Service Project and Regional Representatives. 

If you are interested in my initiatives, I strongly advise you to go to my @julia.4.patsa, which will go live on April 20th or look out for the QR codes around States. I wish everyone great luck on their events, and to remember that it is Just Better with Julia! 



Evan Kahn

Hello Pennsylvania TSA, I’m Evan Kahn and I’m running to be your next PA-TSA Sergeant-At-Arms. These past two years have been changing to say the least, with school closures and cancelled conferences we’ve all been impacted. However, through these struggles I’ve witnessed the resilience of PA-TSA’s membership. Despite these setbacks the spirt of TSA did not waver, and as we return to Seven Springs for our first in-person conference in over 2 years, it’s time to KAHNstruct a brighter future for PA-TSA.

As sergeant-at-arms I will increase communication, create resources for new members, and forge new relationships. First, I plan to increase the communication between the SOT and the membership. If elected I will work with the CAPC to better utilize social media to connect with our membership, so we can stay connected all year. Second, I plan to create resources for new members. Joining TSA is very intimidating but it really shouldn’t be. I would work with the SOT to make videos about conferences and competing to ease the nerves of new members. Finally, I want to establish new relationships with colleges and businesses. Our state has numerous colleges and companies that specialize in technology. I plan to contact these organizations to create new opportunities for PA-TSA.

I’m looking forward to meeting everyone at states this year, but until then remember that with Evan Kahn as your next PA-TSA sergeant-at-arms we can KAHNstruct and brighter future together.