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Welcome to the student section of the web site.  We hope you can find everything you need for a great TSA year!

2018 polls

The 2017-18 PA-TSA State Officer Team would like to introduce a new way to have your voice heard at the state level: a weekly polling system. From ACS fundraising to the State Conference Awards Ceremony, one can find a variety of questions regarding PA-TSA’s statewide functions on this page. Ultimately, through your hearing interests, the State Officer Team hopes to enhance the PA-TSA experience for all.

Please note that the results of any poll are not guaranteed to occur; rather, they will be taken into consideration by the State Officer Team and Board of Directors.

President's Message

2020-2021 PA State Officer Candidates

2020 is proving to be a year for the history books. But as an organization, we will adapt. We have student who want to serve as your next state offices, and to continue to assist in guiding this organization through the year ahead. Please take a moment to read about our candidates for the 2020-2021 school year.

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