President's Update

Hello PA-TSA! All of us from the State Officer Team hope you are doing well getting back into the groove of things as the school year is beginning. At the end of August, the State Officers met in Gettysburg for the annual leadership workshop. The location of the greatest battle and turning point of the American Civil War where there was no shortage of great leaders it was the perfect backdrop for the leadership workshop. There was a lot of very good discussion and planning amidst the team bonding. Below are a few highlights of what’s to come and how you can get involved:


  • Photo and Video Archive: This will be a tab on the website with images from different events and conferences that PA-TSA members attend.

  • Polls: Various polls will be posted on the website regarding different topics within PA-TSA. Check back regularly to ensure that your voice is heard!

  • Committees: There are new committees that are being created for PA-TSA. These include the Communication Committee and the Outreach Committee. To get involved with either of these committees as well as the existing Green and Membership Committees, check back to the website soon for forms on how to get involved.


As you can see there are a lot of new things headed your way. The best way to stay informed of what’s new is to subscribe to the PA-TSA email list. To do so please visit As always if there is ever anything we can do to help you, please don’t hesitate to contact any of us. Make sure to check back soon for some new updates!