Last reminders before departure for Seven Springs

I’ve got a few quick notes and reminders for you before you depart for Seven Springs:


1. State Conference Registration – You must bring your registration check with you to registration on Wednesday night. You will not be able to pick up any registration materials until you are paid in full. Checks should be payable to PA-TSA. Payment for the hotel must also be received by Seven Springs by the time you arrive. Please review our no show policy at, that will go into effect should there be cancellations.


2. Event Registration – please check all event registration carefully prior to arrival onsite. Adding a student or team to an event on-site will not be possible as materials, timing, judges and other logistics are based on pre-registered numbers. If you notice a problem with your event registration now, please contact me immediately.


3. LEAP – HIGH SCHOOL – New for 2017, all high school events require a LEAP resume before students can participate in any competitive event. As per the competitive event rules, the first step for all events now involves the submission of an individual or team LEAP resumes. If competitors do not have this resume, they will be turned away and not permitted to compete in the event. Please visit the National TSA website for further information regarding LEAP resume expectations and procedures.


4. Event Updates

·         Please make sure all projects have student and/or team ID#’s on all parts of all projects before arriving at event check in. ID#’s can be obtained from iServices at any time. No stickers will be available on-site.

·         As competitive event regulations change every two years, please make sure to double-check rules to determine what supplies/equipment will be provided by PA-TSA and what supplies/equipment are the responsibility of the chapter/individual.

·         READ document and Updates/Clarifications – Please make sure you are taking the time to read the information found in the READ documents (located here: and the information found in the Updates/Clarifications section of the National TSA website (found here: All rule changes are noted here and will be utilized at the State Conference.

o   Please note, as of today, the following events have rule changes on the Updates and Clarifications section. We will continue to check up and update right up until the conference. Make sure to check the website for  these, and potentially more, changes:




Architectural Design

Catapult Design

3D Animation

Forensic Technology

Biotechnology Design

Junior Solar Sprint

Chapter Team

Structural Engineering

Children’s Stories




Debating Technological Issues


Digital Video Production


Dragster Design


Extemporaneous Speech


Technology Problem Solving


Software Development


Structural Design & Engineering


Technology Bowl


·         Test Sessions – for all events that have a testing component, test sessions will once again be held on Wednesday and Thursday morning. Please note the following:

o   For all team events, all team members must take the test during the same session or the team will be disqualified.

o   No one will be permitted to enter after testing has begun, even if the student would have enough time remaining for the test, as late arrivals cause a distraction for those testing.

o   Students taking multiple tests must plan ahead so they can complete all tests during the given sessions. Only one test may be taken per session.

o   Each level will have five testing sessions – please consult the schedule for times. There will be no tests given after the final testing session.

o   LEAP resumes will be collected for all HS events before admission to the testing room is permitted.


5. Feedback form – Please remind students that we will be using the event feedback form again this year. The form can be found here:


6. Lodging - Please note that we will once again be utilizing various lodgings at Seven Springs -the hotel, the chalets, the condos, and rooms at Hidden Valley. So as to avoid unloading in the wrong location, please send one representative into the front desk when you arrive to learn your location prior to unloading buses. Alternatively, you can call Seven Springs to learn this information. If you are to call Seven Springs, please understand that changes to room assignments will not be possible at this late date.


7. Shuttles to and from the condos will run on a continuous basis during TSA operating hours. Shuttles will stop at the locations noted on the maps found on the PA-TSA website. Map will also be provided at check-in, to those staying in the condos.  Please plan ahead to allow yourself enough time to get to the conference center, especially during high traffic times.


8. Breakfast on Thursday will be served in multiple locations – Slopeside Dining, Timbers, Bavarian Lounge, Matterhorn Lounge, Alpine Room - so as to be accommodate the large volume of people eating prior to the Opening Session. Breakfast meal tickets will be honored in the same way at all locations.


9.  Finalist Postings can be found on-line as they are updated. A link will be added to our main page when the conference starts.


10. General Session Seating – The seating for the Opening Ceremony and the Business Meeting will be done by Region. In an effort to be fair, seating will change for these sessions. In other words, where your Region sits for the Opening Ceremony will NOT be the same as where you sit for the Business Meeting. Please consult the seating chart on the State Conference page of the website or onsite, outside the Exhibit Hall for seating locations. Additionally, seating for the Awards/Closing Ceremony will be done by lottery on Saturday morning. Please see the conference program for more information.


11. Online Scoring - We will be utilizing online scoring, complete with full feedback for our students, in nineteen events this year: MS – Catapult Design, Chapter Team (finals only), Children’s Stories, Construction Challenge, Electrical Applications, Environmental Engineering, Mass Production, Promotional Marketing, Technical Design, Video Game Design; HS – Animatronics, Biotechnology Design, Chapter Team (finals only), Engineering Design, Future Technology Teacher, Promotional Design, Sci Vis, Software Design, Transportation Modeling. Judges will enter scores into an online system that was developed by one of our alumni. After the conference, score sheets will be available for viewing by students and advisors. Judging decisions CANNOT be appealed based on information found on score sheets, as the sole purpose is to be a learning tool for future project improvements.


12. Special Interest Sessions – Once again, we will be offering numerous, varied special interest sessions during the conference. Based on advisor feedback, we have created a sign-off in your program, to use to check student attendance of these sessions. Students can take this sheet with them to the sessions and the presenter will stamp it. Use of this sheet is not a requirement, rather it is meant to be a tool advisors can use to entice their students to attend the sessions.


13. VEX clarification – For the 2017 PA-TSA State Conference, we will be running VEX IQ Crossover for middle school and VEX Starstruck for high school. Both will be SKILLS ONLY competitions.


Please contact me with any questions/concerns regarding the State Conference or competitive events. Looking forward to another great conference – see you soon!


Lauren Lapinski

State Conference Director

llapinski [at]