Hello PA-TSA! How Do You Feel?

I hope everyone has remained safe during our recent adverse weather.  In Johnstown, where I live, we were fortunate not to sustain much wind damage or get the high forecasted rain totals. Others throughout our state or neighboring states have not fared so well.  Just a few miles down the road, Seven Springs received 19 inches of snow yesterday with another 3-5 forecasted for today.  The entire PA-TSA family across our state is in my thoughts.

Many of our PA-TSA chapters are in full swing and gearing up for the upcoming year. The student officers are once again working hard on behalf of the TSA students that they represent.  Chapter advisors and the PA-TSA Board of Directors are here as always to support the student officers and the student members of PA-TSA.  If you any questions, about anything related to TSA, please do not hesitate to email me at bhutzel [at] patsa.org.  I would be happy to answer your questions or find information for you from one of the many helpful PA-TSAers across our state.

Best wishes for your chapters this year!  Thank you all for everything you do for our PA-TSA students!!


Brandt Hutzel
PA-TSA BOD President