2016 TSA Nationals

Congratulations to everyone that has qualified for the TSA national conference in Nashville, TN.  Pennsylvania will have 48 schools attending the the conference with 326 students and advisors.  48 other guest from PA will be joining the PA TSA delegation. Here are a couple informational items for the national conference.  


Just like at our state conference there is a great need for judges, if you attending the national conference and are willing to judge please go complete this form.  This is a great way to see what goes into an event if you haven’t competed before.  You can also see what schools across the country are bringing to the national conference 

Delegation Meetings:

Tuesday 6/28: PA-State Delegation meeting from 9-11 location to be determined - Conference Meeting and information 

Thursday 6/30 PA-State Delegation meeting from 9-11 location to be determined  - National Candidates discussion and conference information

Friday 6/31 Annual Business meeting delegates from each school need to attend (Candidate voting and bylaw amendments) 


PA-TSA Pride

As contestants are recognize the Best in Nation winners at the Recognition Ceremony (second general session) on Wednesday, June 29th, TSA would like the help of PA-TSA in cheering for the App Challenge Best in Nation team from your state. There will be Verizon branded “hand-fans” given out to all general session attendees to help cheer for teams.  Best in Nation teams will be recognized during the Verizon presentation at the Recognition Ceremony.  Please if a school from PA is announced give them a rousing cheer when they are announced

Let’s continue this during the national awards ceremonies on Saturday July 2nd, lets be loud for every PA-TSA member that gets on stage.

Good luck and See everyone in Nashville.

Dale Moll 

PA-TSA Board President

PA-TSA Acting State Advisor