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Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics all come together in one class at my school: Science Fair. TSA is very similar; the root of all TSA projects is curiosity. Picking my event for the first time, I had no clue what any of it meant yet. However, I found Go Green Manufacturing and Prepared Speech extremely interesting. This curiosity, and the curiosity in research, is the key of discovery.  My curious nature always loved to test little theories of mine.

Welcome to the Blog!

Hey PA-TSA! Welcome to the student officer blog! This year, we are excited to announce that we will be switching from the PA-Post format to a blog. Throughout the year, we will be uploading posts about TSA topics, like highlights, events, and ideas for your chapter. As the school year progresses, we hope that you will continue to check out the blog. Posts will be updated at least twice a month and will cover a plethora of different topics written by officers. 

Resolution for 2018 Business Meeting

Below is a proposed resolution that has been reviewed by the PA-TSA, Inc. Bylaw committee.  The Resolution is properly formatted and submitted to the student membership for consideration at the April 2018 Business Meeting.  

Whereas, In the most answered poll on, 85% of voters answered that they were in favor of adopting a team award in PA-TSA, where the top chapters based on event placements receive an award; and

2017 Business Meeting Minutes

Attached are the minutes of the 2016 and 2017 Business Meetings. Both will be considered for approval at the 2018 Business Meeting.

State Officer candidates' statements for 2018-2019

18 student candidates are running for 6 elected and 2 appointed officer positions for 2018-2019. See this article for the candidates’ names and campaign statements for the 6 elected positions.

Mechanical Engineering - project safety verification

Per Regulation G of the competitive event guidelines, Mechanical Engineering requires a project safety verification sheet to be included in the project documentation. For the upcoming PA-TSA State Conference, please use the attached form to complete this part of the project.

President's Message: September 2017

Greetings, PA-TSA! I hope you all enjoyed your summer and are making a smooth transition into the school year. While summer has unfortunately ended, there is one thing to look forward to: the start of the TSA season.

Student Committees for 2017-18

Have you ever wanted to make an impact on PA-TSA at the state level? If so, you should apply for one of PA-TSA’s five Student Committees! Participation in a committee offers a wide variety of benefits including the opportunity to interact with state-level leadership and get involved with statewide initiatives.

2016 Business Meeting Minutes

Attached for review are the minutes from the 2016 annual PA-TSA Business Meeting.

Super Smash Brothers Survey

If you are considering competing in the Super Smash Brothers Tournament at states, please take a moment to fill out this brief survey!

State Officer Candidates for 2017-2018

State Officer Candidate Statements 2017-2018

Google Hangouts With the Officers

This year, the state officers will be holding two Google Hangout sessions open to all members. One will be about running for state office while the other will be a general discussion-based hangout about the state conference. Sign up here:

New Committee and Application Update

The new National Service Project Committee is seeking a member to serve as Vice Chair! More information in the full post. Also, there is still time to join any of PA’s other committees! Applications are open through November 1st. Late applications may be accepted at the discretion of the chair, but applying by the deadline is strongly encouraged.

Committee Applications 2016-17

PA-TSA offers four committees open to any members interested in gaining state leadership experience: Membership Committee, Communications Committee, Corporate Outreach Committee, and Green Committee. Applications are now open! Advisors: Be sure to let your motivated students know about this opportunity to lead TSA at a higher level. Students: If you are willing to dedicate some of your time to leading PA-TSA, consider applying for a committee!

2016-2017 State Parlimentarian

We are pleased to announce that the newly elected officer team has chosen a Parliamentarian. With much consideration, the Board of Director Members, felt that the students who applied before the state competition were qualified for the position and that the newly elected officers needed to revisit those candidates and choose from those candidates only.

Boiling Springs High School wins 2016 Inspiration Award

Boiling Springs High School won the 2016 PA-TSA Inspiration Award for its outstanding community service projects.

State Advisor Approved Events for Nationals - Updated

PA-TSA has started a new procedure for events that limit the number of participants by state (the State Advisor Approved Events). Please click on to read more.

2015 State Conference Minutes

These are minutes from the 2015 State Conference.

State Conference Advice For New Advisors

Are you a new advisor attending your first state conference? Be sure to check out this advice from veteran advisors for making the most of your experience.
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2016 State Conference Mixer/Dance Theme

An update on the theme for the 2016 State Conference Mixer/Dance.

PA TSA State Officer Canididates for 2016-2017

 PA State Officer Candidates for 2016-2017


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ACS Racer Competition: Description and Rules

This article has information about the new ACS racer event that will be replacing the ACS Nascar Relay at the 2016 state conference. Don’t miss out on this important update!
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Super Smash Brothers Tournament - Poll

This article, posted on behalf of Zach Manlin from Harriton HS TSA, concerns a poll that will be used to determine gameplay during the Super Smash Brothers Tournament at the 2016 state conference. Members should vote in the enclosed poll in order to help the tournament organizers plan the tournament. Thank you in advance for your participation!
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Virtual Session on Running for State Office

Missed the “Running for State Office” special interest session at your regional conference? Take advantage of upcoming virtual sessions hosted by state officers! Fill out the enclosed form to secure your spot at one of these sessions!

Form W-9 for PA-TSA

For advisors: Form W-9 for Pennsylvania TSA is now available online. Due to federal tax changes, many school district business offices are asking to have W-9 forms on file for PA-TSA. Please print this and give it to your business manager.


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