Super Smash Brothers Tournament - Poll

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The following article is posted on behalf of Zach Manlin and Harriton TSA. The Super Smash Brothers Tournament will be hosted as an American Cancer Society fundraiser at the 2016 state conference and will be hosted by the members of Harriton TSA.
For the Super Smash Bros. tournament at this year’s state conference, we are going to collect a poll to determine the gameplay style for the tournament. We heard a decent number of requests for Project M to be the featured game instead of Brawl, so we’re using this poll to figure out which game will attract more entrants to the tournament. If you have any interest in competing, please take a few minutes and vote at this link.
There’s a further description at the top of the poll page that includes a description of Project M and the differences between the two games if you are unfamiliar with it.
Thank you!
- Zach Manlin and Harriton TSA