State officer candidate application now open

Dear state officer candidates,
The online application to apply for a state officer position is now open and available until March 16th.
We have changed the process of applying for the appointed officer positions (Historian and Parliamentarian). If you attended one of the regional special interest sessions about becoming a state officer, you will probably already know most of this information. The key changes are:
  • Candidates for both of these positions now must apply online. 
  • These positions are still appointed positions. You can apply for one elected position and one appointed position. You can also just apply for one of the appointed positions and not an elected office.
  • Historian candidates must complete an additional form describing the graphic and digital video editing programs that they have mastered and have their advisor sign the paper confirming that they have mastered these programs. This is due to the need for good video and photo compiling skills. (The form is available online.)
  • Parliamentarian candidates must complete a test at one of the general testing sessions at the state conference. It is a short test, so don’t fear. The candidate must be able to look over the order of the business meetings.
Both of these will help the new state officer team make the best decision in selecting the appointed officers.
Application instructions and forms are available here, and your application can be submitted online. All applications and signed forms are due March 16th.
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us at drickert [at] or crickert [at] Thank you and good luck to all the candidates.
Diana and Clint Rickert
State Officer Directors