NSP: Fundraising Crash Course

Written by the NSP Social Media and Outreach Subcommittee led by Melanie Gerko. 

Fundraising is very important because it helps you attend conferences, fund chapters, and allows us to donate to the American Cancer Society. Within the current state of the world, it is important to understand and utilize tools that allow us to fundraise both in person and online. 

There are many ways you can fundraise in person. One way is to sell Valentine Grams to your classmates. You just have to make a fun, customizable template that your peers can buy. Other easy ideas are to have a raffle for baskets or other prizes or even having a car wash that your entire chapter can participate in. Bake sales are another very popular and easy way to fundraise. 

Fundraising can still be both easy and successful in a virtual setting! One great way to support the American Cancer Society right from your home is to participate in the Gamers vs Cancer and Tiltify initiatives. With Gamers vs Cancer, you simply join a gaming tournament and fundraise through a live stream. Tiltify is another online platform that allows your chapter to raise money for the ACS. Other fundraising events to try include a virtual apparel sale, concert/karaoke night, and trivia competition. Any funds collected for the ACS can greatly impact cancer patients and research for cancer treatments.

If you have any questions about the ACS, NSP committee, or fundraising, please do not hesitate to reach out to treasurer [at] patsa.org. Thank you!