New Parliamentary Procedure Study Guide

Hello PA-TSA! As our various regional conferences creep closer, I hope you are working diligently on your events. Some events, such as Chapter Team, may be on-site events; however, this does not mean one shouldn’t study in preparation. While parliamentary procedure is essential for business practices and TSA meetings, learning and studying parliamentary procedure can often seem boring and dry. The information presented in various publications of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised 11th Edition can be dense and confusing, which can be discouraging to those who are new to competing in Chapter Team. It can be daunting to dry to encourage team members to read and study comprehensively for the event. As your state parliamentarian, it is my goal to help the members of PA-TSA become more fluent in parliamentary procedure, as it is an active tool for members to change and craft PA-TSA to respond to student wishes. Instead of subjecting every member to thoroughly read several editions of parliamentary publications, I thought I would help you all out by creating a simple study guide of the basics of parliamentary procedure. I hope this slideshow helps you and your team study for Chapter Team. It can serve as a great introduction to parliamentary procedure, and a great review guide. While not meant to replace all outside preparation for Chapter Team, I hope this guide can serve to supplement all the hard work PA-TSA students are known for. This slideshow can be found at the link below or embedded in the student section of the PA-TSA website. Feel free to email me at parliamentarian [at] ()<!--style="text-decoration:none;"--> if you have any further questions about parliamentary procedure.


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Samantha Horry

2015-2016 PA-TSA Parliamentarian