Event Resource: Parliamentary Procedure

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Parliamentary Procedure Guide Useful Resources For Beginners

  • Robert’s Rules for Dummies by C. Alan Jennings 
  • Robert’s Rules Newly Revised In Brief 3rd Edition by Henry M. 

Robert Both of these books are great starting points and can be found in bookstores, libraries, and online. You may want to have a copy of your own that you can annotate. After reading one of these books, you may wish to read the full version of Robert’s Rules. 

General Resources

  • Dunbar’s Manual of Parliamentary Procedure Questions 
  • TSA Opening Ceremony Script (Found on Chapter Team rules) 
  • PA-TSA Special Interest Sessions 
  • 300 Questions from the National Association of Parliamentarians 
  • PA-TSA Parli Pro Resources Folder

These resources are great ways to practice parliamentary procedure skills. Ask your chapter advisors for any resources that may be available to your chapter members. 

Getting Started With Chapter Team Meetings (Semifinalist Portion) 

  • Designate office positions early on to build a routine in your meetings.
  • Practice debating motions with team members. 
  • Pay attention to time limits.
  • Practice mastering simple motions before moving onto advanced techniques to help build routine and skills. 
  • Practice treasurer’s reports and taking minutes during meetings. Treasurer’s reports can be made beforehand by another member on your team.

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