Event Resources

The State Officer Teams since 2015-16 have gathered these materials to help TSA members learn about TSA events and improve their projects.

General guide

Event resource: General guide

Event Gallery

The event gallery shows past examples of successful TSA projects, along with advice from the teams that created them.

Annotated Rubrics

By understanding how each of your events will be judged, you can better prepare for competition. These annotated rubrics are identical to the ones that appear in the Competitive Events guide, and they are annotated with clarifications, advice, and warnings from students who have previously competed in the events. These presentations will help clarify the event and serve as a guide to you should approach the event.

Disclaimer: These annotations are made by students for students. They are suggestions and clarifications based on our competitive event experiences, NOT a binding ruling from the judges. Rubrics may change from year to year, and judges vary from conference to conference.

View the annotated rubrics on Google Slides:

Parliamentary procedure

TSA uses parliamentary procedure in its business meetings as well as the popular competitive event, Chapter Team.

Event Resource: Parliamentary Procedure

Study guide

This presentation is a great introduction if you’re new to parliamentary procedure and a helpful review guide if you’re preparing for a conference.

View this slide show on Google Slides

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