Student Committees

Student committees within PA-TSA are a great way for any student to get involved at the state level. The four committees are Communications, Corporate Outreach, Green and Membership. Each committee is chaired by an elected state officer and vice chaired by a dedicated member of the association.  Any PA-TSA member can sign up to participate on the committees which hold video meetings throughout the year and contribute in various ways to the state delegation.



Communications Committee

Student Chair: Ben Abt reporter [at]

Student Vice-Chair: TBD

Student Vice-Chair: Maryam Quraishi historian [at]

Adult Chair: Jason Kofmehl

This year, the main focus of the Communications Committee is the PA-POST, a seasonal newsletter presenting information to the membership from the State Officer Team. It is our job to write, edit, and design the Post. This committee will give you an opportunity to produce a product for all the members of PA-TSA to view and enjoy. If you enjoy writing, editing, or designing with programs such as Photoshop or Illustrator, then this is the committee for you. This year we are looking to produce five editions of the Post. For each edition, we need a team of people to help produce the final product. To complete this task, we will be hosting weekly web meetings to catch up on work for the upcoming edition, although meetings may occur less frequently when less work needs to be finished. High school and middle school PA-TSA students are welcome to join. Applications will be posted on in early September.

Plan Of Work

Membership Application



Corporate Outreach Committee

Student Chair: Etan Ginsberg secretary [at]

Student Vice-Chair: TBD

Adult Chair: John Bratton

The PA-TSA Corporate Outreach Committee is responsible for contacting companies in an attempt to gain corporate partnerships and sponsorships. It is the continuous goal of the committee to increase awareness of PA-TSA among STEM industries and to defray the cost of the state conference.  This year, the committee hopes to leverage alumni connections to identify new potential partners and strengthen our organization’s reputation. It is our aim to develop strong, lasting relationships with the companies we contact.  In this committee, there are a variety of roles you could take on, including designing and writing promotional materials and reaching out to businesses. Corporate Outreach Committee is looking for dedicated TSA members who are outgoing and creative. Applications will be available in early September and encourage all dedicated TSA members to apply.

Plan Of Work

Membership Application



Green Committee

Student Chair: Caroline Sparrow sergeant_at_arms [at]

Student Vice-Chair: Abigail Reigner

Adult Chair: Clint Rickert

The PA-TSA Green Committee has always been focused on promoting green initiatives that can be carried out at the state conference and the chapter level. Furthermore, the Green Committee hopes to promote green initiative ideas and careers to TSA members with a variety of research based PA-POST articles to be published at regular intervals throughout the year. We are made up of dedicated PA-TSA members who enjoy contributing to our “going green” discussions and writing these articles. We are on the search for such members who hope to have a fun time and contribute to a green cause at the state and chapter levels. As a team, Green Committee hopes to write about how you can make your chapter more environmentally friendly. The committee application will be available in September to all TSA members who are interested in joining.

Plan Of Work

Membership Application

Green Committee Duties

Green Committee Timeline



Membership Committee

Student Chair: Catherine Liu vice_president [at]

Student Vice-Chair: TBD

Adult Chair: Dale Moll

The Pennsylvania TSA Membership Committee is dedicated to strengthening Pennsylvania TSA’s membership. This committee meets weekly to plan and organize initiatives in hopes of recruiting new schools and guiding new chapters. This committee contacts schools to inform them of the informational materials on the PA-TSA website that they have access to. The committee also conferences with membership committees of other states in order to share ideas and maximize the potential of the committee. This committee is open to PA-TSA members in both middle school or high school. Applications for this committee will be available on the PA-TSA website in early September.

Plan Of Work

Membership Application



National Service Project Committee

Student Chair: Francis Chalissery treasurer [at]

Student Adult Chair: Chris Miller

PA-TSA has always been dedicated to fundraising for TSA’s national service partner, the American Cancer Society. This past year, Pennsylvania was recognized at the national conference as the state that raised the most money for the ACS out of all affiliated state delegations. PA-TSA’s fundraising efforts are headed by the elected state treasurer in collaboration with the entire officer team. These efforts include several fundraisers at the state conference such as the ever-popular pie in the face cans. If you would like to get involved with the national service project, your chapter can organize its own fundraisers and donate through PA-TSA to local Relays for Life. Be sure to keep checking the website for more information on our state’s new fundraising initiatives. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.



General Session Committee

Student Chair: Maryam Quraishi historian [at]

Student Vice-Chair: TBD

Adult Chair: Jana Bonds

More information coming soon.

Plan of Work can be found (linked .pdf)

Committee Annual Report (linked .pdf)



State Conference Activities Committee

Student Chair: Madison Okkerse parliamentarian [at]

Student Vice-Chair: TBD

Adult Chair: Lauren Lapinski

The State Conference Activities Committee assist the PATSA State Conference Director with the planning of the PATSA State Conference.  These duties include providing input for the conference schedule, coordinating special interest sessions and other conference logistics.  The Student Chair is the point person for questions and concerns from the PATSA student members regarding the PATSA State Conference.



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