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Before you depart for Seven Springs...

Please check out this list of last minute reminders before you hit the road for Seven Springs!

HELP - Judges Needed!

As the State Conference draws closer, we find ourselves in need of more judges, particularly for Thursday, 4/19. If you are able to help, please fill out the form here asap. Advisors, parents, and other chaperones all make great judges. Please let me know if you have any questions/concerns. One of the great things about PA-TSA is the willingness of those involved to jump in and do whatever is necessary to do what’s best for our kids. Thanks for considering - see you soon! Lauren

State Conference event schedule NOW AVAILABLE

In order for the State Conference to run more efficiently, we’ve made some significant changes to the schedule for 2018. Please continue reading for imporant updates.

Judges Needed!

With less than three weeks until the 2016 PA-TSA State Conference, we need your help. At present, we are short approximately 30 judges for various competitive events. If you will be attending the conference and are able to help us out, please email me directly at llapinski [at] or fill out the form located here: Advisors, chaperones, and guests make great judges. While we do our best to match judges to their personal areas of strength, no prior knowledge of specific TSA events is required. All support will be provided. Please consider helping - we need your support to make this year’s conference a success! Lauren Lapinski PA-TSA State Conference Director

Website Design and Webmaster entries

The Website Design and Webmaster entries for the state conference are now available for viewing online.

New iServices Features

Two new features added to iServices, Event Special Information and Participant Alerts. Please read more.

2013 State Conference VIdeos

Here is the link for the state conference videos on our YouTube channel, Videos are from Opening Ceremony, Fashion Design Finals, Candidate Speeches for State Officer, Business Meeting and the Awards Ceremony.

PA Announces Text Voting

Pennsylvania TSA is happy to introduce SMS (text message) voting for State Officer Candidate positions. This has been a long time coming for Pennsylvania, but we wanted to be sure we had a system that could handle our needs. After viewing the SMS voting at the 2012 National Conference and attending the informational session, with some security improvements, we believe we have the ideal system for the membership of Pennsylvania. Through the use of SMS voting, we hope to speed up the voting process. Chapters can still choose to use paper ballots, but if you choose the SMS method, each voting delegate must have a phone and must bring the same phone to both Thursday night’s delegate meeting and Friday’s voting session. Support will be offered to all chapters choosing the SMS route. You can read more on our new voting system.

35th Annual Commemorative Conference Shirt

You have paid for the shirt in your registration fees, why don’t you make sure you have the correct size!

State Conference Registration Deadline Fast Approaching

The state conference registration deadline is fast approaching. All registration must be completed online by Friday, March 29th at 11:59pm. Here are some important reminders.

Event updates for the state conference

The State Conference is rapidly approaching. As event preparation continues, please take a moment to look at the following documents.

35th Annual State Conference

Pennsylvania’s 35th Conference is rapidly approaching. Read Ms. Lapinski’s message to all chapters.

National Conference Summary

Another year comes to a close for PA-TSA with another stellar performance at the 34th Annual National TSA Conference, with the election of one of our own as National President and outstanding generosity to the American Cancer Society.
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