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Seven Springs reservation forms now available

The hotel reservation forms for the 2023 State Conference are now available on the state conference section of the PA-TSA website. Read on for a few things of note…

Seven Springs reservations information

Please take a few moments to read this important update regarding changes for reservations at Seven Springs for the 2023 State Conference.

2022 State Conference Results

Thank you for a great state conference. Attached are the results.

State Conference Update - April 10, 2022

Please read this article for important information about conference registration, payment, test sessions, feedback forms, semifinalist postings, general session seating, the conference program and more. Less than two weeks to go!

All CAD events - no internet

For all CAD events (MS CAD Foundations, HS CAD Architecture, and HS CAD Engineering), access to the internet will not be provided nor will students be able to set up their own hotspot to access the internet. All programs necessary to compete in the event must be downloaded and available in an offline version prior to the start of the event. This is in compliance with the competitive event guidelines provided by National TSA. 

HS Cybersecurity

For Cybersecurity at the high school level, PA-TSA will be running the event in a similar fashion to National TSA but will NOT be using the secondary system that National TSA will be using. State participants in HS Cybersecurity do not need to take any action prior to the conference. All information will be provided at a meeting on 4/20/22, as noted in the conference schedule. 

Mask update

Masks and face coverings will be recommended but not required at the 2022 PA-TSA State Conference. This change reflects current COVID-19 data, practices of school districts across the state, and recommendations of reputable sources. It will be up to each participant - students, advisors, judges - to determine if or when to wear a mask. Masks will not be provided by PA-TSA. 

Judge update

Thank you to those of you that signed up to judge in response to our plea for more judges. While the situation has improved dramatically, we are still in need of judges, particularly on-site on Thursday, 4/21. Please sign up using the judging form if you are able to spare some time to help. Thank you! 

T-shirt sizes needed

Advisors, please make sure you are including t-shirt sizes on your registration in order to ensure your students receive desirable sizes. If sizes are not included, your chapter will still receive shirts but they will be whatever we have left. At present, only about 1/3 of registrations include shirt sizes. Thank you! 

Judges needed to avoid cancellation of competitive events

We are in dire need of judging volunteers for this year’s State Conference. At present, we approximately 20-30 people short of what we need to successfully run all competitive events. If we do not have enough judges, we will need to cancel competitive events at both the middle and high school levels. If you have already signed up, thank you! Your judging assignment will be coming your way soon. If you have not yet signed up, please consider doing so. Advisors make great event coordinators and judges for events at the opposite level (i.e.

State Conference update - March 13, 2022

Please read the full message for the latest on the conference schedule, READ-READ-READ document, sign-ups and semifinalist postings, testing, and conference programs.

Judges Needed for 2022 State Conference!

The Pennsylvania Technology Student Association (TSA) Leadership Conference is quickly approaching. The purpose of this letter is to invite you to be a part of our state leadership conference as an event judge. We depend on community and corporate support, and your expertise works to strengthen our commitment to technological literacy. Read on to learn how to sign up to judge virtually and/or in-person @ Seven Springs for the 2022 PA-TSA State Conference.

State Conference COVID-19 protocol

Please carefully review this important information regarding COVID-19 and the 2022 State Conference.

State Conference 2022 - update 1/31/22

Please read this message for important info regarding this year’s State Conference.

2021 PA-TSA State Conference Results

Congratulations to all our participants. Click here to get more details on the results from the 2021 State Conference.

Reminders - Semifinalist Interviews & Live Contests

Check out this important information re: zoom protocol for semifinalist interviews and live contests.

Downloading 2021 Conference Schedule/ZOOM Links

Due to the 2021 PA-TSA State Conference being held in a virtual setting, we will not be publishing Zoom links on the public facing web page. Chapter advisors will have to download the links from iServices and will need to distribute to their chapter. Directions included here.

Testing opens TODAY!

Testing starts on Monday, April 5 @ 8AM and closes on Friday, April 9 @ 5PM. Read on for more details about how to take your test!

Debating Tech Issues - debate times

Attention Debating Tech Issues participants! The subtopic and debate schedule are ready for viewing in the attached document. Review the subtopic and start preparing your debate accordingly. Check your time and schedule any other semifinalists interviews for times that do not conflict.

Last Day to Submit Preliminary Submissions!

Today’s the day! By 11:59PM, all events that require preliminary submission are due. Advisors can access submission codes via iServices. Good luck!

Judges STILL Needed!

In order to make the State Conference a success, we are STILL in need of more judging volunteers. Please consider helping!

Judges Needed!

As the State Conference draws closer, we find ourselves in need of more judges. More info here, as well as a link to sign-up.

Important State Conference Information now available - 3/8/2021

Please take a few moments to read this important conference information including conference schedule, READ-READ-READ document, judging opportunities, and more.


With this year’s State Conference moving to a virtual setting, there are many changes to the events.  While PA will be following the National Guide as closely as possible, we have had to make some adjustments.   Please view this year’s READ READ READ here.

State Conference 2021: Announcing an all-virtual conference

Please take a few moments to read this important State Conference update. Includes information re: dates and deadlines, competitive events, and other information to be rolled out soon.


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