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Hi PA-TSA! I’m Sam Catania, and I am proud to be your 2018-2019 State Reporter. I am a junior at Harriton, and this is my 6th year in TSA. This year, I’m excited to compete in my favorite events, Webmaster and Chapter Team, as well as all of TSA’s video events; Digital Video, On Demand (if I can find time at states), and SciVis. Outside of TSA, I’m a news enthusiast and am passionately involved with my school’s television station ‘Harriton TV’ where I am Co-President. I’m also very involved in Student Council where I chair the technology committee. In my little free time, I love being outdoors running, biking, swimming, and skiing especially with Boy Scouts. This year is going to be HUGE for PA-TSA. We’ve begun moving forward with overhauling the website (yes, actually!!) and we’re replacing the PA Post with a multimedia-oriented State Officer Blog. I want to encourage anyone interested to join either of my committees, the ‘Communications and Promotions Committee’ and the new ‘Website Initiatives Special Committee’! Joining committees is the best way to get involved and help advance PA-TSA! Please, at any time this year, contact me at reporter [at] Feel free to send questions, suggestions, or ideas! I’m looking forward to the best states yet just as much as you guys, and I can’t wait to see everyone there!


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