Awards Ceremony Trophy Order

2018 Awards Ceremony: Saturday, April 21, 9:00am to 11:30am

Below is the order of events to be called during the Awards Ceremony. The ceremony will be broadcast live at

1Digital PhotographyMiddle School
2Photographic TechnologyHigh School
3Essays on TechnologyMiddle School
4Flight EnduranceHigh School
5Challenging Technology IssuesMiddle School
6Computer-Aided Design - ArchitectureHigh School
7Junior Solar Sprint Middle School
8Structural Design & EngineeringHigh School
9CodingMiddle School
10Fashion Design and TechnologyHigh School
11Website DesignMiddle School
12Scientific Visualization (SciVis)High School
13Promotional MarketingMiddle School
14PA - Materials ProcessHigh School
15System Control TechnologyMiddle School
16Biotechnology DesignHigh School
17Forensic Technology Middle School
18Music ProductionHigh School
19STEM AnimationMiddle School
20PA - Safety IllustrationHigh School
21BiotechnologyMiddle School
22Dragster DesignHigh School
23Leadership StrategiesMiddle School
24Debating Technological IssuesHigh School
25Tech BowlMiddle School
26AnimatronicsHigh School
27PA - Digital Video ChallengeMiddle School
28Essays on TechnologyHigh School
29Medical TechnologyMiddle School
30Video Game DesignHigh School
31PA - R/C Off-Road RacingMiddle School
32Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM)High School
33Career PrepMiddle School
34Promotional DesignHigh School
35Technical DesignMiddle School
36STEM CareerHigh School
37PA - Materials ProcessMiddle School
38PA - Electronic Research & ExpHigh School
39VEX IQ CrossoverMiddle School
40PA - Computer Systems TroubleshootingHigh School
41Mass ProductionMiddle School
42Transportation ModelingHigh School
43Electrical ApplicationsMiddle School
44PA - Logo DesignHigh School
45Microcontroller DesignMiddle School
46Technology Problem SolvingHigh School
47Mechanical EngineeringMiddle School
48WebmasterHigh School
49Flight Middle School
50Technology BowlHigh School
51Off the GridMiddle School
52Technology Bowl - WrittenHigh School
53Children’s Stories Middle School
54System Control TechnologyHigh School
55Inventions and InnovationsMiddle School
56Software DevelopmentHigh School
57CAD FoundationsMiddle School
58Engineering DesignHigh School
59Construction ChallengeMiddle School
60Children’s Stories High School
61DragsterMiddle School
62CodingHigh School
63Video Game DesignMiddle School
64PA - TSA VEXHigh School
65PA - SnapshotMiddle School
66Computer-Aided Design - Engineering High School
67PA - Delta DartMiddle School
68Prepared PresentationHigh School
69Prepared SpeechMiddle School
70On Demand VideoHigh School
71PA - Calculator RobotsMiddle School
72Architectural DesignHigh School
73PA - Safety IllustrationMiddle School
74Extemporaneous SpeechHigh School
75Problem SolvingMiddle School
763D AnimationHigh School
77PA - Logo DesignMiddle School
78Digital Video ProductionHigh School
79PA - RoboticsMiddle School
80Future Technology TeacherHigh School
81Structural EngineeringMiddle School
82PA - RoboticsHigh School
83PA - TSA VEXMiddle School
84PA - R/C Off-Road RacingHigh School
85Tech Bowl - WrittenMiddle School
86Community Service VideoMiddle School
87Chapter Team - WrittenMiddle School
88Chapter Team - WrittenHigh School
89Chapter TeamMiddle School
90Chapter Team High School


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