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Region 8

Conference information

February 5, 2022

Region 8

Registration Deadline
11:59 pm, Friday, January 22, 2022
Registration Fee
$10 for 2022

Congratulations to our Region 8 National TSA Top 3 Placing Events 


Region 8 National Champions 
  • CAD ENGINEERING (HS) - Riley Dibert, Bedford High School
  • ENGINEERING DESIGN (HS) - Richland High School
  • LEADERSHIP STRATEGIES (MS) - Park Forest Middle School
  • Mass Production (MS) - Park Forest Middle School
  • MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY (MS) - Park Forest Middle School
Region 8 National Runner-Ups
  • Architectural Design (HS) - Richland HS
  • Community Service Video (MS) - Park Forest Middle School 
  • DATA SCIENCE and ANALYTICS (MS) - Richland Junior High
  • Photographic Technology (HS) - Eryn McKendree, Richland High School
  • Technical Design (MS) -  Northern Cambria Middle School
Region 8 National 3rd Place
  • Off The Grid - Northern Cambria Middle School



Here are the Numbers from the National TSA Conference  

Pennsylvania placed in 53 of the 63 events (84% of events)

Pennsylvania had 106 total top 10 placers total

Region 8 placed in 19 different events (30% of events) with a total of 23 top 10 finalists. 



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New to TSA and in Region 8

Please contact Matthew Kline - mkline [at]


I can assist you with setting up your new chapter or answer any questions you might have if you want to start a new chapter. 



Region 8 Bylaws 



Region 8 Advisor Contact Info


Region 8 Student Officers for 2021-22 

President - Braden Thomas - Cambria Heights High School

Vice-President - Melanie Gerko - Richland High School

Committee Member: Eryn McKendree - Richland High School

Committee Member: Chris Yahner - Northern Cambria High School 

Committee Member: Charlize Amper - Bishop McCort Catholic High School


PA TSA State Officer Team Members from Region 8 

Rik Bhattacharyya - State Treasurer - State College Area High School 

Michelle Zheng - State Reporter - Richland High School



PA-TSA Handbook
PA ONLY Event Rules
National TSA Event Rules
*National Event Rules can only be obtained after completing Affiliation.
General Event Rules & Regulations
Event Themes
National Rules Clarifications
Middle School Event Descriptions
High School Event Descriptions

Judges Feedback Form

Diversity Policy




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Student Conference Participant Forms (Updated October 2020)
ALL participants MUST have these forms filled out and must be held with the chapter advisor during the Regional AND State Conferences.

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