Dress Code


Category A - Official TSA Attire: Most Formal

  • Blazer: navy blue with official TSA patch
  • Ties: scarlet red imprinted with official TSA logo (required for males only)
  • Shirt or blouse: white, button-up with turn down collar OR official blue TSA dress shirt/blouse
  • Pants or skirt: light gray (unacceptable: yoga pants or tights worn as pants)
  • Socks: black or dark blue (males)
  • Shoes: black dress shoes (unacceptable: athletic shoes, army, combat or work boots)
  • Sandals: females only may wear black open-toe shoes or sandals

Category B - Professional TSA Attire: Less Formal

  • Shirt: button-up with turn-down collar (unacceptable: t-shirt, polo, or golf shirt)
  • Ties: required for males and optional for females
  • Pants or skirt: dress pants (unacceptable: jeans, baggy pants, exterior pockets pants, yoga pants or tights worn as pants); skirts must be even with or longer than the tips of one’s fingers
  • Socks: black or dark blue
  • Shoes: dress shoes or dress boots (unacceptable: athletic shoes, combat, or work boots)
  • Sandals: females only may wear open-toe shoes or sandals

Category C - Business Casual TSA Attire: Least Formal

  • Shirt: TSA t-shirt or collared shirt
  • Pants: dress slacks, skirt, or dress jeans (unacceptable: shorts)
  • Shoes: best possible

Category D - Casual Personal Time: Non Formal

  • Casual dress permitted
  • Sneakers or some type of shoe
  • Unacceptable: tank tops, poor taste t-shirts
  • Required dress code category will be listed with each event in the conference program.
  • I.D. Tags must be worn at all times by students, advisors and guests.
  • Items never permitted:
    • Weapons of any type (utility knives and x-acto knives must be used under adult supervision)
    • Any tobacco products, matches, or lighters
    • Any controlled substances (alcohol or drugs)
  • Students are permitted to dress more formally than listed; dressing less formally than specified will result in a rules violation.
  • Failure to meet the guidelines will result in a rules violation.


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