PA-Only Events

Pennsylvania offers “PA-only events” in addition to those offered by National TSA. These events are held at the state conference and, if a region chooses, at the regional conference.

Please note that rule changes may be announced for each individual regional and state conference. Refer to your conference web page for information about these changes.

Complete PA-ONLY rulebook - now completed for 2017-18

2017-18 PA Only Event Guide (PDF - Updated January 9, 2018)

Individual PA-ONLY events

Calculator Robot (MS) - revised July 2015

Computer Systems Troubleshooting (HS) - revised March 2008

Delta Dart Glider (MS) - revised April 2015

Digital Video Challenge (MS) - revised July 2016

Electronic Research and Experimentation (HS) - revised July 2015

Logo Design (MS & HS) - revised July 2016

  • Note: The theme for PA Logo Design follows the theme of the next year’s National TSA conference.
  • For the 2019 PA Logo Design competition, use the National Conference theme for 2020.

Materials Processes (MS & HS) - revised July 2015

R/C Off-Road Racing (HS) - revised October 2015

R/C Off-Road Racing (MS) - revised October 2015

Robotics (HS) - revised January 2018

Robotics (MS) - revised January 2018

Safety Illustration (MS & HS) - revised August 2017

Snapshot (MS) - revised August 2016

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