Welcome to the New PATSA.org

Pennsylvania TSA is proud to have launched it’s next version of PATSA.org.  While the average user might not notice much difference, the regional coordinators, conference directors and board members have a lot of new features at their fingertips.  We decided to keep the theme of the old web site, but we have merged the content management (CMS) and news articles.  

A refined link structure and article categories and new format for regional pages, here is what you will notice,:

  • Link Structure - We have trimmed the number of visible links, but the newest addition is Programs.  Programs is a link for students, advisors and parents.  Here you will find information for Competitive Events, Scholarships & Awards, Our National Service Project and other initiatives PA-TSA is undertaking.  This is, by far, our biggest change, COMPETITIVE EVENTS = PROGRAMS!
  • Article Categories - We have also trimmed the number of categories on the right hand side of all pages.  There are now only four headings.  All new articles are placed on the right side of all pages.
  • Regional Page Format - We are still tweaking the look of regional pages.  But what you are seeing is close to the final form of the pages.  

We know we have work to do, here is what’s to come:

  • Formatting - We are adding new style sheets as we go, so you might see some visual improvements to the site as we move forward in the areas of headings, tables, etc.  
  • Frequently Asked Question section - We think we have a pretty good site, but we know we can always make improvements.  As part of our commitment to getting you the most accurate information, we are going to be implementing an FAQ section to the web site.  We will be building it to be an interactive section to our site. 
  • Better File Descriptions - When looking at files (PDFs and DOCs) on the site, we realize it might be hard to understand who the file is targeted for.  We are working to correct this issue and hope to add description fields for all files soon.

PA-TSA Alumni Dan Zollman has spent many months working on this site, and I hope you are as pleased with the new site as I am.  We thank you for your patients over the last few months and please contact me if you have any questions about the new site.