Update on MineCraft Tournament

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Greetings, PA-TSA. I hope you have been honing your “crafting” skills.


Less than two weeks from now, the first Annual MineCraft Tournament will be held in the State Conference. Competitors from all over Pennsylvania will participate in Hunger Games arenas to claim glory as the best MineCraft PVP players in PA-TSA. In addition, the top finalists will receive gift cards and acclaim for their notable skills.


In considering sportsmanship, there will be no “modding,” hacking, cursing, bullying, or any other inappropriate behavior allowed. Any violations will lead to expulsion from the tournament.


Each round will have a different map, in which players will have to adapt to varying landscapes and randomness of chest spawning. If a player does manage to get glitched in the map, the player will have to contact a Moderator through the in-game chat.


“May the odds be ever in your favor”.

Contact me at repoter [at] patsa.org ()<!--style="text-decoration:none;"--> for any questions.