Taking the Initiative

The Technology Student Association is an amazing organization; it provides opportunities for students that would not otherwise be possible. While winning events may be important for some individuals, I would argue that this is not the true goal of TSA. The opportunities that it provides and the experiences it enforces are there for a more long-term and educationally specific reason – they request that individuals take an initiative.

This initiative is not a last-minute frenzy to complete events the day before they are due. It is not an event choice simply to fill a necessary requirement. It is not a topic being researched simply because the judges will enjoy and give high marks for this field of research. It is much more than that. The initiative requested by the Technology Student Association focuses on individual goals and interests. To glean the full meaning of our organization, the students must fully immerse themselves in the technology culture. Projects should be well thought out, specific, and relative to the individual interests of the members involved. TSA is, at its core, a research organization, providing the push and support for students to explore their interests in STEM fields.


For me, TSA is a starting point. While it promotes research within the organization for events and competition, this is supposed to be a basis on which the student models their life. An initiative should not merely be taken when considering events, but in all passions and research areas. If you are interested in medicine, study anatomy! If you enjoy building robots, design a new mechanism or research mechanical engineering! If anything, the Technology Student Association tells students that there is a world of knowledge beyond their classroom, and it is their job to discover it. Only then can they experience the true value in knowledge, and the joy that it brings.