Stay Organized!

School has finally been in session for basically a month, and the school year is a busy one, not to mention the extracurricular activities. However, with all this busyness, it’s odd that so many people have time to procrastinate. For those victims of procrastination, you are not alone. In fact, you’re the majority of the population. Procrastination always gets me, and I find myself more often than not putting things off to the very last minute. I’m not sure what causes this, aside from the possibility that thinking about all the things I have to do stresses me out to the point where I put it off till the very end. Maybe the reason why I find myself procrastinating so much is the disorganized mess that causes things to be more hectic than they actually are. Either way, procrastination is no fun for anyone, and it doesn’t usually have a nice outcome, seeing as no perfect work can come out of a slipshod attempt in the last remaining hours.


However, something I’ve noticed while procrastinating is that I’m on my phone a lot. As a result, it came to my head that there might be a solution to get more organized and focused. That organization tip is in the form of apps! Nowadays, smart phones are prevalent, and as cliché as it sounds, there’s an app for literally everything. There are a few apps that I’ve found that maximize organization and productivity, and as a result I’m sharing them from fellow procrastinator to you, so that we may be able to fight this battle of procrastination together!


The first app I have is Wunderlist. This is the ultimate to-do list. You can set up categories, and add to do things in each category. There are optional due dates able to be added to each to-do task, and alarms. This is good because you will never forget your task and the app itself will remind you! I like this app because it’s very simplistic, and tells you what you have to accomplish for the day, week and overall. It’s really accessible and helps keep things in perfect order so that you will never miss another task!


The second app I have on my list is Dropbox. This is a less procrastination and more organization type app. If you haven’t heard of this app, where have you been? This is a great app; especially for those of you who always seem to misplace your USB thumb drive. I tend to have this problem, so when I found out about drop box, I was ecstatic. Essentially, Dropbox is an online USB thumb drive. It allows you to store your needed files on there, and make it accessible to anyone who you deem allowed. It’s really handy, mainly because you don’t have to worry about losing the USB drive, and it’s accessible from any computer with Internet access. Check it out, it can relieve some unnecessary stress as well as maximize organization, so you don’t lose a thing!


The last app isn’t really an app, but it is something that you can download to your computer. It is called self-control, and it combats procrastination. To those of you who spend time on social media,surfing the  Internet, watching YouTube videos, putting things off till later, this is going to save you big time! This software is free, and completely fault proof. The app restricts the websites you can browse for a specific time, thus allowing you to continue on with the things you actually have to do. You type in specific websites you want to avoid while you’re doing school related stuff, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc., to the app’s “blacklist” which blocks the websites from your computer when you have the app on. Then, you set a time limit such as three to four hours for the app to run, and this allows you to stop going onto those unnecessary  sites while you’re trying to be productive.


Here’s a bonus tip that has nothing to do with technology, but still helps when you’re trying to be productive. Invest in a planner, agenda, or whatever you call it. Basically, buy something where you can write your daily tasks, such as homework, tests, practices, etc. in so that you can keep track of what you need to accomplish. By doing this, you are always able to see what you have to do, and see what days are hectic so that you will be able to manage your time accordingly!


I wish you all the very best in your feats, and I hope you don’t consistently fall victim to procrastination. Check out the apps mentioned above, and give it a go. Hopefully, you’ll be able to fight the power and successfully continue on finishing your tasks. Feel free to email me at vice_president [at] ()<!--style="text-decoration:none;"-->. I wish you best of luck in the rest of the school year!