State Officer Blog: Our Retreat

A weekend camping trip to Sinnamahoning, Pennsylvania is a PA-TSA State Officer Team tradition. Teams have gone to Mr. McConahy’s cabin for their fall leadership retreat since 2010. On this trip, our team was able to bond, create content for social media and continue planning the 2019 State Conference.

The first day of our trip was Thursday, which mostly consisted of driving. However, the fun instantly began when we arrived at the cabin. Because we had not seen each other in over two months, we spent the rest of the night catching up and discussing the details of our trip.

After Friday’s breakfast, we prepared for our eight mile hike. Before leaving, we each created a package filled with vegetables and meat, which would eventually become our own campfire stew. The first four miles of the hike were fairly difficult at some spots. There were a lot of obstacles we had to avoid, but the amazing sights were worth the struggle. After the first half of the hike, we stopped at a clearing and built a campfire to cook our stew on. Everyone had packed their stew differently, but they were all delicious. The last four miles of the hike were relatively easy. They were mostly downhill, which was a relief from the uphill climb of the first four miles. The trail led us back to the cabin, where we began filming scenes for the regional video.

On Saturday, we went to the Elk Visitor’s Center. It rained the entire time we were there, but we were still able to see a few elk herds. Inside the center, we explored the different information booths and watched a short film about the history of the elk in the area. When we got back to the cabin, we finished filming for the regional video and bonded the rest of the night.

Sadly, Sunday was the last day of our retreat. While everyone was sad to leave, we made sure to enjoy our last few hours together until January. After packing our suitcases and finalizing the 2019-20 time capsule, we decided to go on a short hike before leaving. The annual fall camping trip to Mr. McConahy’s cabin not only allowed our team to develop content for social media, but also create lifelong memories.


Jonah Proepper, PA-TSA Treasurer