SOS – PA-Robotics/VEX helped needed!

SOS – PA-Robotics/VEX helped needed!


We are in a bit of a flux state regarding the PA-Robotics/VEX events for this year’s State Conference… At this point, we are on the verge of CANCELING these events, if we cannot find the necessary volunteers/equipment.

In previous years, we had one superstar individual who acted as the coordinator for all of these events. Unfortunately, he will be unable to fill this role this year. In January, I sent a message out to all the people previously involved in the Robotics events at the State Conference. The response was lackluster. We had one person willing to run the VEX events but he was unable to secure the necessary equipment to do so. If we don’t have a person or group of people willing to volunteer to coordinate these events and secure the necessary equipment, we’ll have to look at significantly reducing what we can offer, if not cutting the events altogether and we would hate to see that happen. Below please find a list of the responsibilities for the robotics event coordinator. Please let me know what, if any, of the below list you’d be willing to take on. Additionally, please feel free to forward this email on to other people you know who may be interested in helping. If we are unable to find the help we need by next Friday, 2/24/17, we’ll have no choice but to reduce or cut the robotics events altogether at this year’s State Conference.

Thanks in advance for your consideration. Please let me know if you have any questions/concerns.


Lauren Lapinski

PA-TSA State Conference Director

llapinski [at]



Robotics Coordinator


•               Work with State Conference Director to determine schedule of events at State Conference

•               Set-up account with as event partner  - work with the REC Foundation regional coordinator for TSA Robotics events in PA

•               Determine needs re: event coordinators, judges – communicate to State Conference Director

•               Plan the layout, equipment, and set-up of the room for go team – work with conference director

•               Plan the signage for the room – work with conference director

•               Determine and secure equipment necessary to run events

•               Answer advisor questions as they arise re: robotics events


•               Oversee all robotics events at State Conference, including completion/tabulation of judging

•               Coordinate and set-up, volunteers, and schedules for practice night on Thursday