Social Media - good or bad?

We are all aware of the growing influence that social media has on society today. In a country so heavily engulfed with technology, and the insatiable need to constantly be ahead in terms of the most exciting news, social media plays a critical role. In fact, very few people nowadays do not have some sort of social media, whether it is Twitter, Facebook, MySpace (remember that?), or any other account that promotes networking online. However, often times, the question is asked – is the influence geared towards a positive direction or a negative direction? This question is obviously up for interpretation. I’m just here to give you the arguments for and against social media.


The world is not a very static place; actually, it is the opposite. It is constantly moving and constantly changing with news being formed every second of the day. Where it used to be that people did not hear the news until a period of time after, now, people are able to keep up with the actual times and follow news stories as they become announced via social media. The social media allows for people to not only hear about what is going on, but actually see what is going on through the actual pictures of actual people. It no longer a secondary source; the actions become real and visual as people can directly show what is going on.


Aside from the logistics standpoint of news; social media has a practical reason – allowing people to keep in touch. The people you want to keep in touch with in high school, the people you want to keep in touch with in work – basically, anybody who you want to stay in contact with, you can through social media. It may be more impersonal than a phone call or a letter, but it still provides the means of staying in touch with the people who you want to stay in touch with. Thus, you can keep in touch with the people you hold close or the people that really impact you in some way or another.


A few arguments against social media go like this: it causes people to lack social skills and causes problems with jobs and school. Because it is so easy to talk to people through social media and say things because there is a lesser degree of responsibility, people take this too far and live behind a computer screen. This causes a lot of issues for the people in the real world, as they cannot interact in the real world because they are too reliant on social media. For those of you who have seen “Catfish”, you know the affects of it, don’t you? It becomes so drastic and extreme to the point where it no longer affects on person, but has the potential to affect other people as well. Hiding behind a computer screen cannot be good, even if you enjoy being a hermit.


Because people are so freely opted to post things on social media that they may not be appropriate in terms of business and educational purposes, it hurts the individual when they apply to jobs and schools. Nowadays, jobs and schools are searching for people’s social media profiles in order to get a feel for who he/she is and what he/she is like. Social media is a place where people tend to post things that are of their own “fun nature” and as a result, many things are not filtered. So, when jobs and colleges look at this – it becomes a problem for the individual in the end all because of social media and what he/she decided to post.


In the end, it is really up to you to decide whether social media has taken us to a positive road or a negative one. It’s open to interpretation, and really nobody can decide or know where things are heading, because essentially, no one can see the trend with the future.