Regional Conference Advice

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The Regional Conference is usually a one-day local competition for TSA Chapters. However, because of the brevity of this conference, there are usually events that conflict. The Chapter Team Written Test may be during the same time for the Tech Bowl Written Test. If this is the case for one, he/she may contact the head of the Regional Conference (each Region has a different official) in order to find a possible solution the the matter. PA-TSA Officials recognize that because the Regional Conference has such a short time period for many different tests, they need to accommodate and compromise for members who have conflicts in their testing schedule.


It is advisable that one finds his/her Regional Conference schedule, which is available on the PA-TSA website. One may organize his/her schedule to search for any conflicts on testing or strategically planning which event to complete first. For example, one may wish to sign up for Prepared Presentation before or after the Chapter Team Written Test, so that he/she may have more time to rest before each event.

Without doubt, the Regional Conference is a competition for PA-TSA members to test their events before the State Conference. Regionals is like a “rite of passage.” The event project or performance must be worthy enough. Good luck and have fun, PA-TSA.