Region 2 TSA in the ExtraGive

Region 2 TSA is now part of the local Extraordinary Give Program that will occur for 24 hours on Friday, November 18.  We are asking you to 1) DONATE and 2) spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, texting, etc. and let them know about this opportunity they have to help support Region 2 TSA.  
Donations to Region 2 TSA made through the Extragive program will be stretched from a large grant from Lancaster County Community Foundation that is available to all participants in the program. The funds raised for us will be used to help offset Region 2 conference expenses and provide grants for students who qualify and plan to attend the state and national conferences.  
The direct URL for information and donating is  Donations are only excepted during the 24 hours of November 18. 
We thank you for your consideration,
Region 2 Leadership