President's Update: October 2014

Hello everyone!


My apologies for the delayed post. There was an issue with the posting but we are back at it now! So this last month of October was a bit of a lull in the action as the state officers did not meet in person. But that doesn’t mean the team hasn’t been hard at work. Each of the officers have been working on their proposals ranging from new committees to new material for the PA-TSA website. For the most part, the proposals are still in their early stages and it will take some time to see any major differences in the state. In the meantime, keep checking back to the website to take part in the new polls. These will be posted in the near future and we want to hear what you have to say! Be sure to stay up to date by joining the mailing list for the website!  Another way you can get involved right now is to join one of the committees at these links here and here. We are looking for dedicated TSA students who can help us take TSA to the next level! Will that be you?


Until next month if there is anything you need or any questions you have, feel free to drop me a line at president [at] Good luck working on your events! Thanks!