President's Update: May 2015

Hello PA-TSA!


I cannot believe how fast the year has flown by since the state conference. It feels like only yesterday we were all together at Seven Springs! The purpose of this update is to give you some reminders for the National Conference coming up in just 18 days (from the time I wrote this anyway)! The first of all is the state delegation meetings. We will be having two meetings at the conference where we can come together as a delegation and discuss the candidates, the bylaw amendment and share any necessary information. The first one will be Sunday, June 28th 9:00 P.M. to 11:00 P.M. in Grapevine B. This is just an informal get together where we can share all the information you will need to make this conference the best one yet! The second meeting will be Tuesday, June 30th 9:00 P.M. to 11:00 P.M. in Texas Ballroom 4-6. At this meeting, we will discuss the candidates seeking office for the 2015-16 year as well as the proposed bylaw amendment regarding voting procedures. With regards to the voting, if you are a voting delegate, please talk with your advisor and find out your username and password to log into the conference app. This will allow you to vote via your smartphone at the annual business meeting. Another key point that I wanted to mention is our state’s spirit. For those of you who haven’t attended a conference before, during the general sessions, every state does a cheer and we all compete to see who can be the loudest and most rambunctious state in the nation. When it comes to be our turn, I want PA to be the LOUDEST and most ENERGETIC state out there! So bring your megaphone and we’ll be ready to go! Finally, come prepared to have an amazing time. The Gaylord in Dallas is a truly awesome venue to host 6,000 students and now you have the opportunity to leave your impact on TSA. So with that being said, good luck getting your events finalized and Prepare For Impact.


Your outgoing President,


Ben Cutler