President's Update: January 2015



I hope that all is well wherever you are in PA. Now after all this talk, we are finally into regional season. Whether you are a seasoned member or a new face to TSA, regionals is never the less a highly anticipated event! A part of being a state officer is attending at least two regional conferences (one being your own and one as a visitor). Below is a list of the state officers who will be present at each conference:


Regions 1 & 6 - Jan 14 & 15 Sergeant-at-Arms (visiting)

Region 2 - Feb 7 President, Reporter (visiting)

Region 3 - Feb 21 Parliamentarian, Sergeant-at-Arms (visiting)

Region 5 - Feb 7 Secretary, Historian, Treasurer, VP(visiting)

Region 7 - Feb 28 Vice President (visiting), President (visiting)

Region 8 - Jan 31 Sergeant-at-Arms, Parliamentarian (visiting)

Region 9 - Feb 21 Vice President, Reporter, Treasurer (visiting), Historian (visiting), Secretary (visiting)


All of the officers are looking forward to meeting you and getting the chance to see your events in action. Along with being present, the officers at each region will be holding a “How to be a State Officer” special interest session. Be sure to check this out if you are a prospective member looking to run for state office. Even if you just want to stop in, we’d love to see you!


Aside from attending the regional conferences, the state officer team also attended a meeting in Harrisburg, PA. This purpose of the meeting was to begin finalizing the different events at states. This was the last in-person meeting the team will have until the state conference. With that being said, there is still a lot to do to make our state conference a success! If you have any questions, feel free to contact any of the officers or talk to them at your regional conference.


Best of luck in your events!


Ben Cutler