President's Update: April 2015

Hello PA-TSA!


WE DID IT! We made it through the state conference! I know all of you worked extremely hard leading up to the event and it definitely showed. I don’t know about you but the day after the conference, I didn’t wake up until after noon. Then my post conference depression (PCD) began to set in. I began thinking about the awesome opening ceremony and how it exciting it was to finally kick-off the conference! Or the different special interest sessions. I got to see a lot of you at the NASCAR race and the Super Smash Bros. tournament. Then I got to thinking about the other less flashy aspects of the conference  such as the candidate speeches and the chapter presidents lunch. Both of these events made my heart swell with how mature sophisticated you all are. PA-TSA operates at such a high level both in and out of our events. Once again I think you have all proved that this is still the case with another fantastic conference. Well done PA! Now lets take that performance to Nationals and make sure everyone knows who we are!


See you in Dallas!

Ben Cutler