PA-TSA BOD Presidents Message September 2016

Its that time again to get your chapters up and running.  Affiliation is open and many chapters have completed registration already.

High school chapters your competitive event guide is new out. With that there many new events and changes to the old events so make sure that you read them over even if you have done this event for years.   This year all themes are on the TSA National website under Themes and Problems , make sure to check there for all events to see if themes are new to the events. On in particular that never had listing on the theme page is Dragster Design: 

Dragster Design
Throwback Design Challenge (for the 2017 conference only): TSA is “flashing back” to the late 1970s when the event was called LSRAV (Land Speed Record Assault Vehicle). At that time there were no “shell cars.” For 2017 only, all four (4) wheels must be completely exposed. No part of the vehicle body may cover any part of the front or back wheels.

So make sure as advisors you tell your students about the themes pages so that they are prepared for their competitions.

Along with themes TSA is now introducing LEAP (Leadership. Education. Achievement. Personal Growth.) Be. Know. Do. criteria and realize the impact that the below five practices can have on the development of student leadership, LEAP has been integrated into each TSA competition as part of the official rules and rubric in the 2017 & 2018 High School Technology Activities, National TSA Conference Competitive Events Guide. For more about LEAP visit the National LEAP page at

With LEAP TSA has also created  MyTSA, a free digital platform for TSA members to catalog their TSA milestones. TSA members will have access to MyTSA once their chapter is affiliated and their name is on the roster. TSA members can then create their private login to start detailing their personal TSA resume. 

So the sooner you affiliate the sooner you can see what’s new in TSA for 2017

If you need help or have questions about affiliation you can contact me at //dmoll [at]">dmoll [at] 

Good Luck and have a great year.  

Dale Moll

PA-TSA Board President  and Acting PA-TSA State Advisor